Happiness is…

Published 08/07/2013 by Barb

57oh, yeah, especially in the summer…. but really, anytime, all year round, LOL! (mmm, changed a couple of those pics on the wall in the meantime, LOL!)


8 comments on “Happiness is…

    • I’ve tried the “blond” version for a day or two, but it was really awful. And the “mahogany red” (that was my first coloring) didn’t fit anymore, so I thought I’d just make it a brunette – which is my natural color (although by now I probably have more grey hair than what I wish…)! 🙂


        • I didn’t until 35. And I know Indian women color their hair – my hairdresser has the daughter of the (former?) Indian Ambassador in Rome as customer and she told me so! 🙂


          • Actually, it’s important for them that they do. Grey doesn’t look as stark when you have lighter hair color – but when you hair is ebony black, grey looks awful! In fact, every woman who can afford to buy hair-color colors her hair, and if you don’t, those other women think of you as a disgrace to womankind.


            • that’s exactly what she said! 😉
              I can tell you that on dark-brown, grey/white looks as bad… that’s why I want to become blonde (but don’t want to spend 5 hours at the hairdresser to become platinum blonde, LOL!)


              • I know. My natural hair color is dark-brown (it’s a lot darker than your dark-brown, I am sure.) Fortunately for me I got my first grey strands pretty early on in life so for me grey hair has never been a sign of aging. Actually, it amuses me to see how people make a big deal about it. Some people are ageless – when they are young they are old and when they age, they continue to stay young 🙂 You are one of those – I think.


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