Sci Fi Event – The BIG Competition

and there’s also a competition with the sale, so don’t miss it!


Competition InfographIn conjunction with the Sci-Fi Fantasy Kindle Book Event next weekend, there will be an incredible competition with 44 amazing prizes!

Take a look at the infograph on this page to see what you could win.

The competition will be in the form of a Rafflecopter. If you are unfamiliar with these types of competitions – don’t worry, they are very simple and give you numerous entries to win one or more of the prizes.

Entries are achieved by the following actions:

  • Earn 1 Entry for every Facebook Author Page you like.
  • Earn 1 Entry for every Twitter Author Page you follow.
  • Earn 5 Entries if you tweet about the event.

There are 18 authors who have donated to the competition, so you could earn a potential total of 41 entries in this competition!!!

The competition goes live at the start of the event and finishes when the event ends…

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