Random Friday

Someone posted this article on Facebook – so my Indian friends are the ones who read the most in the world, huh? 😉 Actually, what surprised me was seeing US and Italy next to each other. Italians don’t read. Only a 5-10% of the population reads. But probably, since it’s so much smaller than the US, that’s approximately the same quantity of reading people. Dunno, I’m bad at maths! 🙂

Although lately I’ve seen a couple of Kindles on buses in Rome. And my sales of the Italian titles are all from Kobo Italia. So maybe the e-readers are catching up – two years ago, everybody I heard who had an e-reader (Sony or i-Pad at the time) used them for everything but read (a publisher used his Sony e-reader to listen to the music, a colleague bought the i-Pad to watch movies…). I felt lonely with my Kindle Keyboard that I used only to read, LOL!

Anyway, since those Kobo sales are so steady (like 3 per month, what do you think? I’m not a bestseller! ;)) and I found a nice review of one of my Italian novels on the Italian i-bookstore (and it’s not my colleague… either it’s someone who bought it somewhere else and pasted her review on the i-bookstore, or I don’t know how she got it, since I sold one copy of that title and I know who bought it), I decided to issue another Italian title.

I will revise and format it this weekend, but in the meantime I asked my friends on Facebook to help me choose the cover. I’m putting the same image here, not because I need your help to choose the cover (it’s done), but because I wanted to show you these neat silhouettes I found at Allsilhouettes.com.coinquiliniX6_resizeNow the problem with those was that I couldn’t figure out how to use the downloaded files – that’s how bad I am with vectors! 🙂 They said I could open the files with Photoshop, but when I opened them, no file showed up – until I realized they’d been actually added to my “shapes”. So the CSH file is something that get added to Photoshop and then you can use the “shapes” (load shapes and add them to your “customary shapes” folder) to do the silhouettes.

Okay, it’s slightly more complicated than that, but at least you know that if you open the CSH, it won’t show you a white sheet or a JPG or anything (like I thought it would), it will simply add the silhouettes to your “shapes” folder. I also printed the JPG of all the silhouettes, since it’s not easy to discern them in the small (or even large) shape icon, so I can choose beforehand! 🙂

Then you need to struggle with levels and proportions, but that’s another story. Not really an Art Friday either, but I don’t think anyone is actually interested in using Photoshop and vector silhouettes (if you are, drop me an e-mail and we can talk about it privately). Have a wonderful weekend – I’ll be writing… and probably drawing… and don’t forget to check the Smashwords sale! 🙂

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  1. Yep, they read a lot. Mostly computer books. Not many, except the elite, read fiction. Then again, we don’t experiment at all. If a book is fashionable, it’s bought.


    • If a book is fashionable, it’s bought in Italy as well. But I don’t know how many people actually read it. This reminds me of a short story I read one of this guy who enters a house full of books and when he pics one, and then more, he realized they’re unread and untouched. The family collected books without reading them. Some people buy books but don’t read them – easy to do with paper books, so moving to e-readers means more people are actually reading (unless they’re using their e-readers for something else)! 🙂



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