Sunday Surprise

Okay, I’m giving up. I’m tired to ask around if anyone wants to be my guest. Or send my interview questions out and never hearing from that person again. So, for the summer, Surprise Sunday is suspended. In September I’ll resume posting writers’ wisdom as monthly feature and maybe post a short story or two (again, as monthly feature), in case anyone is interested. Any aspiring guest can apply for a September (or later) date, though.

Now I’m going back to my writing cave (at least it’s cool) and “delight” you with only a couple of posts per week. I don’t feel I can contribute much else at this time but short weekly updates on writing (Wednesdays) and random facts (if any) on Fridays. And of course will keep wishing you a happy week with the weekly vignette!:)

Since I mentioned my hairdresser in my previous post, and I made her so happy when I told her she could do what she wanted, here’s the latest happiness – letting your hairdresser do what she please!😉 (mm, maybe I should recolor the hair in my Avatar… what do you think?)

138Have a great summer (or winter if you’re down under) break and enjoy your vacations/holidays if you have them!:)

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  1. Hah! You never gave me an opportunity. Just because I am not a propah writer, I am being discriminated against…
    Now I am feeling so depressed that I don’t even have the energy to comment on your nice hairdo and tell you that the color looks nice on you. (humph!)

    • Actually I believe you were one of the very few who accepted the offer way back when… and I’d have you again anytime!:) Like I said back in January, it’s not only for writers, but for whoever would like to ramble on whatever he/she likes. Except only writers responded. And you. To refresh your memory:

      • Oh…that wasn’t an interview:) just a story😦

        • well, I shall interview you when your next project comes out – what do you say?😉

          • You know how to get this lazy caricaturist to work:) So, when you say project, do you mean illustration project or writing project?

            • my interview questions are for writers… someone told me you have a written project coming along… Or I can change the questions for artists!😉

              • ok…I got it. You want to me work hard😦 and upload that book. I’ll do that but then that interview will not be a fun interview. On the other hand, if you had interviewed me for…say “The Oglers Inc.” or for “The 4 Types of Artists”, your readers and I would’ve had a great time…all at your expense😉

                • LOL! Like I said, I’m closing for the summer. But you can be on the first or second Sunday of September, if you wish… I’ll send you the questions towards the end of August, OK?😉

  2. Wait… Is that you? Or just a (random) sample of the hair-dresser’s art?

    • yep, that’s me… Told you I must update at least the hair color of my avatar!😉

  3. Love the look!😀

  4. Cate Russell-Cole

     /  02/07/2013

    I know the feeling, I have many guest bloggers missing in action! I do like your hair too… stylists overdo it.😉

    • :) And then we deal with ourselves every day (I go to the hairdresser once month for color)…😀

      • Cate Russell-Cole

         /  02/07/2013

        I’ve come out of more than a few hairdressing establishments looking far worse than when I went in… only needed a professional colour rescue once… a week before my wedding – of course! Normally I can do it, for some reason, for the first time, it didn’t take. Don’t you love chaos theory? LOL

        • tee-hee! I can’t do my own color, that’s why I started going to the hairdresser at 35 – my plan is to continue until I turn 50 and then save the money, LOL!
          We live in a chaotic world, and there’s nothing we can do about it – except trying to live at our own speed!😉


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