Random Friday

…and since I haven’t received anything from Amazon yet (DVDs ordered at the beginning of the month, proof of POD last week, still waiting…), I’ll do an art Friday and some more Bollywood rambles – tell me to stop if you have enough! 🙂

After watching Cristina work (the painting I pointed you in the previous post to is ink on white paper, so she did that background with digital painting – and it’s a WiP, it evolved after she left my apartment), I decided to try digital painting myself, but failed miserably. My attempt at drawing the Desi Vampire (based on guess who, although the Desi vampires community is growing daily, whenever I get to write that story I’ll have plenty, LOL) was awful. I’m not sure if it’s my inability of handling brushes, handling Photoshop levels or what. Anyway, I’m not posting it anywhere, and that’s for sure.

Shahid1_resizeSo, in the past two weeks I relaxed with pencil drawings as usual (since that’s a technique that I handle much better), and you can check my DeviantART gallery – not that I scanned them all, since I only put the best ones there. So maybe I should take down Arjun Rampal looking as John Abraham, haha! Anyway, please notice new model Shahid Kapoor, latest Bollywood flavor of the month also because it seems he’s really big in Italy at the moment or something, hehe! I prepared this drawing before discovering RAI 1 is doing a series of Bollywood movies on Sundays again (used to be Saturday nights, now it’s Sunday lunchtime) and for 3 weeks in a row they showed Shahid’s movies (wait, or is it 2 weeks in a row but I found a list of titles and found a third there? Hm. Can’t remember).

I found out on the 10th, so I missed the first of the series (my hairdresser fell in love with Saif Ali Khan in Race and was very disappointed that the next 2 were with Shahid Kapoor instead). I missed the 16th because I was busy – and they showed Vivah. Then last Sunday it was Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi! (I shall spare you the silly Italian titles, not much better than Hollywood’s Italian titles, trust me) and I thought I’d give it a try, even if I’m wary of dubbed movies.

Now, I have a TV, but I never watch the channels and use it only to watch DVDs. Since we switched (as a country) from analog to digital, I haven’t really kept track of anything even if I keep paying the TV tax, so I lost 15 minutes to try to figure out where on earth the channels were. Turned out I was on the analog channels (all gone) and when I pushed the DTV button they all appeared as if by magic. Then I had to scroll 100 channels to the “test” (still in test mode? How long have we been on digital-only?!) RAI 1 digital channel and the movie was already started – not that I missed much, I’m afraid.

So there’s this mix of Heaven can wait, Ghost, Bill&Ted Bogus Journey and slapstick comedy with silly special effects, but I love Sanjay Dutt as the oh-so-sensitive God of Death who can’t hold alcohol! 😉 Since I’m not used to Shahid’s real voice yet, the dubbing wasn’t too bad to hear and since it’s such a silly comedy, I don’t think I’ll buy the original unless I find it at a DVD sale.

Anyhow, while fumbling with the TV,  I even discovered that my VCR is not broken after all (although since it’s tuned to analog TV, it doesn’t see the digital channels – but it still plays the many VHS I still own), so I used some nights to rewatch some Italian movies (mostly from the 90s) that never came out on DVD. Since I don’t have anything new yet, I guess I’ll keep re-watching those until I get my Amazon parcel – I missed them!

I wonder why Italian distributors let those movies vanish (okay, maybe they’re B or Z-movies, but the comedies are fun, sniff!) when you can find them on Amazon.com as instant videos (except I don’t have a Kindle Fire and my TV is flat but not smart and I hate watching movies on Laptop). Mysteries of movie distribution.

Anyway, that’s all for today! Have a great weekend! 😀

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  1. good art


  2. Wonderful likeness of Shahid Kapoor 🙂 You are fantastic with those color-pencils. Digital Painting takes practice, but it’s a lot easier and cleaner than the messier oil-paints and water-colors…


    • my problem is with brushes and quills. I handle pencils and rapidographs nicely. It’s the brush-like point that drives me nuts – I can’t control it! 😦



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