Writer Wednesday

I think I’m going to start with the writerly links today – or you can skip to the end for the writerly updates. It won’t be a very long read anyway – unless you click on all the links. In no particular order:

What successful self-publishers do well. Most important point being 1) – finish your damn story! Lost count of writer friends lost in rewriting hell for months or years. Get to the end and ship it (trad publishing) or publish it!

The one rule for writing fiction – hint: there is no rule. But you need to know the rules to break them.

An article on plagiarism – a sad reality. I can’t even write fan fiction, but well. The world is big and wide and full of very different people. Much better mining your own gold (and getting paid in the process).

On giving and taking advice. Not everyone is good at giving or taking advice – including yours truly. Make sure that you know what you want from your readers when you ask for a critique.

On traditional publishing – how it destroyed writers’ careers and how it’s best to stay away from Harper Collins.

And finally, how not to be a speshul snowflake in public (thanks, Michelle, for the link).

The writing week is dedicated to finishing Amazon Sisters and revise Choices. Next week being July, I really need to get back to the Star Minds Snippets. All this hoping the summer depression doesn’t hit. This week seems cooler, but I still hate the summer and wish I could hibernate until it’s less hot outside again.

After two weeks home alone (except for the company of my cover artist – see her WiP she did at my place – and a visit to another friend), I now have two weeks office alone, since I’m substituting a colleague at a detached window with one employee (me). They’re getting paid this week, so I might have one day (probably Friday) a little busier, but otherwise it’s me talking to myself for 4 hours and a half, then brave the heat to the central branch and maybe find a colleague to have lunch with (not happened yet).

So in the morning I’m typing Amazon Sisters,  in the afternoon I continue draft zero (handwritten) and in the middle I surf the net or do more “subtitles” for Happiness is – although Apple rejected it because it’s non-reflowable text (well, the subtitles are not reflowable, since it’s all JPGs, so i-Pad owners can get their e-pubs elsewhere – that is, if you want the French and Italian subtitles for your own entertainment, of course. Otherwise, just keep tuning back here every Monday! :)).

On a totally non-writerly topic, if you happen to be able (warning, the next link sends to a Facebook chat, and when I tried it, I wasn’t able to come back to this post, so finish reading before clicking…) to go online tomorrow at 3pm India time, please spoiler me blind, since I’m going to buy the DVD when it comes out regardeless of what you’re going to tell me. Same goes if you happen to see the movie in theaters – even if you tell me the whole movie from beginning to end, I’ll still buy the DVD when it comes out. Just let me know your thoughts! 🙂

Unfortunately it’s morning in Italy, and I’m back to work (yes, as the lone employee, and Facebook access is not blocked, but still… I’d rather not have anyone coming in and asking what am I doing! ;)). You’re one week late, Hrithik! 😦 Ah, well, maybe there will be some kind of YouTube recording and I’ll turn it into MP3 and listen to it like I’m doing with the episodes of Koffee with Karan! 🙂 (or watch it later, since I’ve seen there are a few live chat recordings under the link – okay, I’m introduced to a brand new world here, so I have no idea of what to expect)

Sorry for the non writerly tangent! Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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