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June is almost over, so I thought I’d end with some writers’ wisdom. Maybe I’ll find a guest for next Sunday. Maybe I’ll just ramble in vain. I thought another post on my weeks off was useless, so let’s move on, shall we? Again, if you’d like to be featured on this blog, drop me a line. Enjoy these wise words of writers on writing and have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

Because I have never planned to be a writer, never even considered what it would be like, I have also never suffered from writers’ block. If I have nothing to say. If nothing is hammering its way out of me onto the page . . . I just go and do something else. I’m not blocked, I just get to play a game, read a book, or sleep seven hours instead of five.

I don’t try to write X words a day (okay, I lied about the algebra). I don’t try to write any words a day. You will become a better writer if you write more . . . but I’m not trying to become a better writer. I just write because I enjoy it and when I stop enjoying it, I stop writing.

– Mark Lawrence


If you’re lucky enough to be read, you will attract detractors and sycophants. You will be ridiculed, celebrated, roasted, venerated, criticized, analyzed, and talked about.

You have no control over what people say about you.

You have full control over how you react to what people say about you.

Not caring doesn’t come naturally. In order to truly not care, you need to be confident, self-aware, and mentally healthy. You need to be deliberate. You need to understand your effect on others. You need to understand your needs, and how they’re met.

The world is filled with a wide variety of people. But only a few of them should really matter to you. The rest are just white noise. They can amuse. But don’t give them more power than that.

One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit.

But don’t take my word for it. My opinion shouldn’t matter to you at all.

– Joe Konrath


I appreciate that the writers of those reference books are trying to do. They’re trying to help aspiring writers to be better, but when some of those books say “you have to make sure it’s this way or your book will fail.” (okay, I may be paraphrasing just a bit there..), I tend to not finish that book. Let me write my book my way and I’ll get it published. You just wait.

So if you become discouraged by something you read in one of those books, well, don’t. You should write your book how you want to. It’s your story, not theirs. Be strong enough to be different. Don’t write a story to sound like another just because that one became popular. Take what you learn from those books and make it to better your writing and not change it completely.

Yes, one of my biggest pet peeves is someone telling me how my writing should sound. I know what my writer’s voice sounds like and I prefer to keep it that way.

Melissa Wright on writer’s reference books


Last time I checked, there was no RIGHT way to write for every single author. There is only a right way to write for you. And to figure out that right way means you need to do a lot of writing. A lot of revising. A lot of reading. I get a lot of people asking me what my advice is to new writers. Well, that’s my advice, right there. Stop fighting your instincts. Instead, let them flourish. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to follow rules that feel completely wrong for your style.

– Michelle Davidson Argyle


Many would-be writers are daunted by the actual task of WRITING.

Some of the e-mails that I receive mention how DIFFICULT it is to actually get that book written. Many of these e-mails also convey the impression that the writer has, in fact, very little writing experience. To these writers or would-be writers, I would add one final bit of advice or, perhaps, comfort: You’re right. Writing IS difficult. It’s not just you. It’s not just your inexperience. Writing a book is a long, difficult, frustrating, difficult, long, tough, difficult (did I mention difficult?) process. Rarely will you encounter a writer who says otherwise, even if that writer has years of experience and dozens of books under his or her belt.

– Moira Allen

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