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  1. Yes it is :)

  2. Ah that looks familiar to me…although I’d need to include a walk in the woods or the beach :)

    • I’d love to be able to add that – but I still live in a town, albeit in the outskirts, sigh! :( and the summer heat is here, ARGH! Trying to go for a walk now (almost 9am – 8am solar time) hoping it’s not too hot already…

      • I love the heat, but Scottish heat means about 16-17c, which is probably farrrrr less than the heat you’re dealing with haha. Hope you find the time to enjoy a walk in the not-too-oppressive heat

        • Rory, keep talking and you’ll find me at your doorstep! :)
          I’ve seen Scotland in August – rainy. Not warm – ever, I guess. My favorite climate.
          When I manage to live of my royalties, I’ll move to a cottage near you! ;)

          • Haha, I’ll keep a look out for suitable properties for you ;)


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