Random Friday

Okay, now I know where Duggu comes from – it’s right at the beginning, the first question Karan asks. Did I mention Karan Johar is one of my favorite directors/producers? I loved all his movies – well, I’ve seen 4 of his directorial efforts (up to My Name is Khan) and 2 of his produced flicks (Dostana and Agneepath) and in the extras of Dostana I had already noticed he speaks decent English, and now I know that so does Hrithik (and no, I wasn’t trying to learn Hindi to communicate with them, I know they can speak English, LOL)! Go Karan & Hrithik! 😀

By the way, I still have to finish listening to it – turned it into MP3, since YouTube keeps getting stuck for me. So I will comment on this some other time – if I deem it necessary. Which might be never, LOL!

And it’s random ART Friday. And it’s related to the previous, since next in line of my pencil drawings was Duggu himself. I promised on DA to show the WiP of this drawing, so here you have it:

pencilWiP_resizeIf you’d like to have a better look at the final drawing, please go to DeviantART (and check the cute emoticons, LOL).

Now, the interruptions in the second part came mostly because UPS rang my bell when I put down the camera after taking the first pic, bringing not one but two packages with the proofs for Star Minds both from Lulu (for which I had a tracking number) and CreateSpace (for which I didn’t have any)! 😀 Always the same guy, I was very happy to see him! 😉 But I’ll tell you more about them next Wednesday, since it’s writerly stuff and today I might be working exactly on that. So stay tuned! 🙂

I’m currently reading my proof copy of Star Minds Omnibus while I’m at it, and have already found a couple of typos. And I seem to be overusing “as”, even when “while” or “since” would be better. Sigh. I guess the print version and omnibus will be able to win the golden rodent, and the single e-books might earn only the silver rodent. Those darn typos just show up months later and you wonder how they got there! Anyway, back to reading… That’s all for today! Have a great weekend! 😎

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