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Can you tell I’m not at my best? I procrastinated on writing the whole weekend (although I posted only one of the 2 drawings I did – wasn’t happy with the second…) and forgot it’s June and I needed to schedule the Happiness is… posts. And Monday I even worked on the future e-book version, but forgot to check the blog – although I was surprised I didn’t get any WordPress e-mails. I even thought “I should start writing Writer Wednesday”, but then decided to wait for Tuesday. And then at 10pm it hit me – no Monday happiness! ARGH! So I sent it live immediately and started writing this post… *shame* I want my memory back, please! 😦

Anyway, I’m back on Silvery Earth, writing about kick-ass Amazons (Selene is a Huntress – Huntresses hunt rebel men, not animals! ;)) from that old story of mine. Dear beta-readers will soon have more to read, hopefully. It’s kinda long, so I’ll probably use all of June to write it. Next week I’m off DayJob, so I’ll also work on formatting for a couple of titles, so stay tuned.

I even had time to re-read a couple of my novellas and found 4 wandering commas in Death of Amazonia, so Mr Rodent, please download the new version from Smashwords or I’ll never get that Gold Rat for my books (and thank you for not mentioning those typos in your review!). Yep, I removed those 4 commas from inside the word and put them behind it as they were expected to be. Those are usually commas I add later, at the editor’s suggestions, and since I’m in a rush, I tend to position them inside the word they’re supposed to accompany. Ahem, sorry… funny how blog serendipity had someone else talking about commas! 🙂 And what happened to my most abused “comma splice”? 😉

After the summer there will be an anthology of Smashwords authors of SF/F that will be published for free. I plan on sending them two Star Minds Snippets (thank you, Roomie, for helping me choosing which) and hopefully drive readers to the series. I already had in mind to do a loss leader for the series, I guess I’ll join these other indies instead! 🙂 Shortly after the anthology comes out, I should release all the Snippets (one might come out in August, these 2 in September, the rest in October)… By the way, World of Diversity has reviewed Technological Angel – thank you, Sean! 🙂

I’ve also managed to commission an artist on DeviantART: a portrait of Ker-ris – I won’t be able to use it as book cover, but I’ll be very happy to drool over it on my own. And if I eventually set up the Star Minds page  (Facebook or whatever), I’ll have more than just Kol-ian to show off – yes, the technological angel is the protagonist, but only of the first half of the story, since the mind link makes him one with Ker-ris! 🙂

More interesting links: the changing playing field by Kris Rusch. Davig Gaughran on 15 ways Amazon can improve KDP – they have added EFT for all markets and I was able to select Euro on all Kindle Stores (see, I should have framed that check! ;)), but there still are problems here and there. Kindle Singles: I did submit to them.

Hello Barbara,
Thank you for submitting your work for consideration in Kindle Singles.
Your proposal will be reviewed within the next 4 weeks, and you will be notified by e-mail about our decision.
Thanks for your interest in Kindle Singles.

Never heard back. Not even with a rejection. David is probably right, they don’t want fiction in their Kindle Singles (it was B.G. Hope’s Six Months, in case you were wondering). Ah, well, I’ll write a narrative non-fiction about being an indie author in this brand new world of publishing, LOL! And you can laugh at how slow and luddite traditional publishing (and I’m a technophobe…) is with this piece by Kevin J. Anderson – raise your hand if you know what a carbon copy or a floppy diskette are!

Now for more on traditional publishing Stockolm syndrome, hear Judith Tarr – took me some time to find the whole 3 parts together, LOL! And closing with Joe Konrath‘s words of wisdom:

Remember: Selling isn’t making someone buy something they don’t want to buy. It’s about making people aware of something they like and are looking for.

Have a wonderful week and happy writing! 🙂

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