Random Friday

First a total randomness thing:

searchre: second search (click on image to enlarge) – Whose blog do you think this is? Just because I love Bollywood and live in Italy you think I might have that piece of information? Sorry, but I don’t give a drat about Ash. But if you happen to hear Duggu comes to Italy, please stop and leave a comment, I’ll most certainly do my best to find him! 😉

Ahem! Switching movie industries now. Last weekend I watched Django Unchained. I’m not a Tarantino fan, in fact I watched only 2 of his movies and both because there was someone I like to ogle in them. Inglourious Basterds for Brad Pitt – which introduced me to Christopher Waltz, wonderful polyglot actor who is back in this one – and now Django Unchained for various reasons. I’m not a fan of spaghetti western, and even if I recognize Franco Nero’s face doesn’t mean I’ve seen his movies – he does a cameo here, and even speaks Italian except for 3 words he says to Jamie Foxx.

I liked Leo DiCaprio before he started doing almost only biopics (biopics are boring, Leo, or maybe you pick people that don’t interest me, LOL! Well, unless you work with Steven, in that case, I’ll make an exception! Catch me if you can is good! :D) and I do remember him in The Quick and The Dead, so I thought “What the hell… let’s see how he handles westerns 20 years later without Gene Hackman and Sharon Stone! (Russel Crowe was a nobody back then, but that’s the only movie where I like him, hehe)”.

So I got me the DVD of Django Unchained. I would have happily lived without Tarantinian splatter and too many gun fights, but well… I enjoyed the story. I thought it was funny, actually, since I kept chuckling for most of it (okay, I’m a Sadist Author, I can be a Sadist Reader/MovieLover as well). I’m not American and I haven’t studied the 1800s yet, so I just took it at entertainment face-value – I don’t think Tarantino wanted to do an historical movie anyway, but I guess a few things were quite accurate. The flashbacks were sort of jarring, but I’m used to linear/chronological narration, so it’s just me! 🙂

Jumping to totally unrelated randomness – here’s what I was working on last Wednesday (because I wrote the movie review during the weekend and Shafali’s book made me think about oglers – of both sexes). Please note the big glass frames (so 1980s) and my natural (and then the most recent) hair color…

TeenBarb1colMaybe I should start The Adventures Of Teen Barb At The Island! 😉 (and then Jo killed me because I still haven’t finished SKYBAND… Okay, just kidding! :D)

One last thing that kind of ties up the blog hop about diversity. This went around Facebook. After reading this, I might stop coloring my hair now instead of 2015! 😉 It’s kind of interesting, since I’m not feeling well these days, but I was thinking that my body is a temple and I’m not really taking care of it but don’t know how to because it’s sort of shifting – and I’m not Sikh (raised Roman Catholic, have my own beliefs now)… Internet serendipity is unbelieavable!

followers24052013Last fun random fact – I now have the same number of followers on this blog than Facebook friends (unwilling followers, I doubt they actually read my blog from the Facebook link! ;)) Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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  1. Duggu? Who’s Duggu?
    Loved your rendition of your ogler avatar 🙂
    About the sikh lady – I am all for looking the way you look, but when it comes to temples – I think Sikhs (and Hindus too) deck up their temples. So if your body is a temple, you’d do whatever would make is look and feel nice. I am not completely with her on her reasoning – but then those creeps had no right to put her pictures on the web too. I’d say they met their match – and remember that Sikhs used to be some of the bravest people in the world – until they got into politics.


    • Tsk, Shafali… and I wanted to ask you if the nickname had a meaning in Hindi? Dunno why they call Hrithik “Duggu”, honestly… maybe you have an idea?
      I’m a woman who doesn’t really care about the way she looks and have been often told I should dress better, put on make up and the likes, but never really bothered (basically – it’s because I’m lazy! 😉 And also to avoid Oglers – which didn’t really work, by the way).
      Anyway, my temple is crumbling from old age, I’m afraid! 😀 Or maybe I just give in to panic attacks, then, when they’re gone, I feel better…


      • No idea. Duggi is the 2 in cards – so you have paan ki duggi – 2 of hearts, eent ki duggi – 2 of diamonds and so on. So duggu could mean “the youngest” – Is Hrithik the youngest?

        You seem to be very similar to me – My entire makeup kit is made of a Kajal stick and a lipstick. Don’t worry – old age is still far far away – latest reports say that middle age starts at 54 and old age at 67.


        • no idea about Hrithik being the youngest. I’m bad with Bollywood gossip, LOL!
          I only have Blistex (for my ethernally dry lips) in my kit! 😉
          Still, after 40 (well, nearing 50) you start aching in places you didn’t even know you had… sigh! 😦



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