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The blog hop is still going and comments are still coming in, so I won’t contact the winners yet. Just wanted to mention that last year’s prize, Allan de Sayek, just got a review at World of Diversity Fiction. (UPDATE: now the link really takes you to the review. Sorry about that…) Let’s hope this will bring a few people to take a closer look at Silvery Earth! 🙂

While working on something for Friday, I realized there are actually 3 Silvery Earth. The Original Silvery Earth (where Samantha the Witch comes from and that will be explored in a later book) from my childhood. The New Silvery Earth – the adult fantasy world you can see at the top of this blog with its chronology, which was created mixing all my fantasy worlds this millennium.

And then there’s Teen Barb’s Silvery Earth – except it wasn’t called Silvery Earth. It was supposedly Earth with all those characters from anime and TV series I watched in the early 1980s, but I had this island (a.k.a. The Island) where I spent most of my time. Setting: a desert island. What does this tell you about the writer (who was starting way back when)? No setting. Only characters mattered. The people I interacted with (whether from real life or TV or whatnot). Not the setting. Okay, I admit to a ride or two on the Millennium Falcon or the Enterprise, but my best adventures ended up being on The Island! 🙂

ADSebookSo that’s why I’m still so character-oriented and plot-oriented and don’t care much about setting and descriptions. Although there’s obviously someone on my wavelenght, as I’ve seen from the above review (that same novella got opposite comments from another reviewer who didn’t post her review on GR because I said I’d consider her comments if and when I rewrote it. Now I know I won’t rewrite it, so Megan, if you want to post it as you sent it to me, that’s fine). Will have to handpick my readers, I guess! 🙂

Ciaran&Harith went live on Apple in two hours and a half and Barnes&Noble a few hours more – not days like it happens with Smashwords premium catalog. So I’m still very happy with D2D – officially out of closed-beta stage – and they even sent me an email with my April sales. Yes,they report monthly, like Kobo. Yay!

Thank you for voting on the covers of Choices, now I can get back to writing the actual story, LOL! And then I’ll need to find a male reader or two, just to make sure I’m portraying a man here. Writing screenplays is less introspective than writing prose – although my prose is not too introspective, since my influences are movies, comics and TV more than literature. I guess I didn’t read much when I was younger, and learned that a writer needs to read a lot only as an adult. Although I did have a house full of fiction books, like Moira Allen in her excellent piece on reading habits

Now, for those of you who might think to use a pseudonym or not, hear Scott William Carter’s view on the topic. I won’t drop mine yet, since they’re related anyway – no mystery that B.G.Hope and Barbara G.Tarn are the same person, right? – but if you’re thinking about using or not using one, here’s a version of it. I’m not using my real name anyway because it’s impossible to read, write or remember, that’s why I’m using pen names. And although I could drop B.G. Hope, considering the covers are very different from the Barbara G.Tarn’s, I’d rather keep the names different. I know smart readers, who read in more than one genre like I do, will find me anyway! 🙂

We’re all struggling through the shifting sands of publishing, I guess. Please check Kris Rusch’s post on the changes in publishing. Yes, it’s scary, but we can do it! 🙂 Now, since I’ve been bloghopping this week, I didn’t have time to check my regular blogs, so that’s all for now… Sorry, guys, I’ll catch up next week! 😉

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  1. I think Pseudonyms are cool – they let you experiment 🙂 There’ve been many great authors who’ve used pseudonyms at the beginning of their careers – and I don’t see any reason why the modern writers shouldn’t.


    • You can tel I love pseudonyms, since I’ve been incognito since the 1997s (oh, those lovely photocopied zines!)! 😉 But again, it’s a matter of choices. I’m about to publish another book in Italian, keeping the Italian pen name, but at the same time talking about the projects with the other two pseudonyms… so the only think secret is actually my real name, LOL!


      • What??!!! Barbara isn’t your real name? So who have I been emailing all these months?


        • Yes, Barbara is my real name, it’s the family name that is hidden – well, reduced to an initial in both pseudonyms! 😉



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