Surprise Sunday

Happy Sunday! Hope you’re all busy with the blog hop! I’ve just started visiting the 170+ blogs that signed up, but I’m sure I’ll have to continue through next week – which is probably fine since I might have a slower week at DayJob, LOL.

I’ll be doing a sort of Art Sunday. First of all, if you don’t already know her, please check Shafali’s books on Smashwords. Her latest work, Oglers Inc, is a verbal caricature as funny as the others. Especially for us women, used to those oglers throughout our lives. She nailed it again! Really, you shouldn’t miss her or her blog! 🙂 (although she still owes me a certain caricature… *ahem!* Just kidding! :D)

b086c5089009c3855b08ceb51999c0ff0a70c870Now, since B.G. Hope has a new title out – the funniest body switch I have written to date, I hope you’ll have as much fun reading it as I had writing it – I’ll post here the links to all the retailers. The print version will come out next year when all 3 body switches are written. So, ladies and gentlemen, please check Ciaran&Harith on Smashwords, Amazon, Apple US, Kobo or Barnes&Noble.

The cover still features Samantha the Witch, in case you were wondering (like Johnny&Marian). I couldn’t do the cover with the virtual cast, so I used her, since she’s always available for pics! 😉

Still working for B.G. – told ya it’s her month, didn’t I? – I’m preparing the covers for her next n0vella, based on my last screenplay (written in 2009/2010) Choices. Please help me choose the cover here. First, I’ll show you the other B.G. Hope covers of the other novella based on a screenplay and the anthology that is also in the blog hop giveaway – both obviously romantic/love stories:


Here are the covers for Choices. The theme is ambition and money (hence the “diamond” shape and the green background – should be $-green, hope it is). And since his past is catching up on him, and he’s questioning his choices, he’s turned towards the left – or looking behind, so to speak – especially in the first.

ChoicesSo, what do you think? Left (1) or right (2)? I’ll do a little poll, so your voting can be multiple AND anonymous!

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Barb 🙂 I voted for cover 1. The second guy looks too confident – doesn’t make you wonder, as the first one does. However, I find the diamond a little too abstract (you know that I am a realist still struggling to figure out impressionism and cubism.) Could you have a Dollar Watermark on it or something?


    • Thank YOU for voting! I like both, that’s why I can’t chose. I was thinking of doing 4 covers with the 4 cards thingies, so heart and diamond looked perfect – except I don’t have anything for the other 2 yet, LOL.
      And again here I had to use silhouettes because I couldn’t use a real pic… can’t you tell who the model is anyway? 😉 Yeah, he’s still Da Muse! 😀



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