Writer Wednesday

Changed back the Timeline image on Facebook, since in June I’ll be back on Silvery Earth anyway. Will get back to Star Minds Snippets in July. A last flash of Star MindsKol-ian and Ker-ris went to Ciaran’s sofa a couple of days ago.

This is B.G. Hope’s month, so she’ll be included in the upcoming bloghop and has a new title out – another body switch, hoping that it will be as successful as the previous one. One beta-reader thought the second flowed even better than the first – I certainly had more fun playing with these two characters than the first two. Might be because it was a brand new story? 😉

I’m also trying to turn Happiness is… into ebook format… I’d love to have the trilingual version available for e-readers. So far there’s only the print version of the first year (I know, I’m still with Lulu for that one…), so I’m thinking of making it 3 e-books with different happinesses – writing, spiritual, general. And then maybe a new print version of all vignettes in chronological order, since even Kris Rusch says it’s the year of the bookstore! 🙂

But I’ll need to switch POD first, open that CreateSpace account and do the print version of Star Minds – plan to do this in June, when I have 2 weeks off DayJob. Then I might even do a new print edition of the Silvery Earth titles already in print with Lulu. Or I could go with DriveThru/Lightning Source for those… like I did for SKYBAND Omnibus 1 and 2. We’ll see – first the new titles, then I can think about the new edition of “old” ones.

If you want to learn how to get visible, check David Gaughran’s book. I’d rather be off writing, LOL! Or reading. Or drawing. Or… procrastinating, haha! 😉 I love fiction and many of my friends have put out books, I’d rather be checking those than another non-fiction/marketing book… but maybe I’ll add it to the wishlist anyway, who knows…

David Farland is doing a series of Daily Kicks on how to get into your writing zone. He mentions being more comfortable with long writing sessions (at least 3 hours). Personally, I’d rather do short instalments like Dean Wesley Smith. I don’t have problems at getting back into my stories – be it for 5, 15 or 55 minutes. I write when I can, and don’t need to sit at a computer to do it. But then, I’m already in the habit of writing, like Dean and his wife Kris Rusch! 🙂

Since Friday is Blog Hop day, I’ll add here a warning about a scam going around the US. I’m not American, but if you are… watch out! 🙂 That’s all for today… have a great week! 🙂

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