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Hello, spammer

I don’t care if I rank low on SEO. I don’t write for SEO. I won’t waste 8 hours between Amazon and Google to find keywords for my books like they suggest to make a killing on Kindle, imagine if I want to spend even 5 minutes to optimize this blog. I’d rather be off writing, thank you. Besides, I’ve read somewhere that SEO writing is so passé… So, thanks, but no thanks. Besides, in spite of the low SEO ranks, I’ve more than quadrupled my followers in the past year and a half, so I’m not really worried… 😉

Hello, visitor!

Sorry for the above reply to the spam comments I get over and over again. This random Friday is about… well, Happy Fangirl Barb has found someone very similar to her, so please check this advice on art and life from Mr. Harrison Ford. This lady and me have a lot in common! 🙂 Han Solo? Check! Indiana Jones? Check! But then comes Devil’s own, and poor Harry can’t compare with Brad – at least for this gal.

Actually, not many can compare with Brad – although for me it depends. Sometimes I think he’s gorgeous, sometimes I think he’s really ugly and since “12 Monkeys” I know he can act, but it’s a conflicting interest. Something that’s happening also with Hrithik (the gorgeous/ugly part, I’m not sure I’ve found his “12 Monkeys” yet, although I know he can act – and only jealous men can speak ill of him, or Brad or Keanu or whoever else I “admire”) – never with Da Muse (or he wouldn’t be Da Muse, right?). But I digress.

I must say that the aforementioned post gave back some points to Mr. Ford! 😉 I agree with both of them about luck. And about the advice of not letting anyone turning you into a thing. Like JC, I had to say a lot of “no” – single, almost 48, etc. And then the Writing NOs – no, I’m not writing your book, no, I’m not publishing it either. I’m a writer and I already have enough to write on my own without bothering with lazy wannabes who talk a lot and never get anything done.

I’m a quiet person. If I have more than one person in front of me, I’d just shut up and listen – maybe, or maybe my mind will wander to my babies if the discussion is “boring”! 😉 I’m a fangirl when it comes to meeting other artists or writers (see me with Terry Moore last year and imagine me whenever I get to meet Colleen Doran…), but about actors – well, they’re muses. I already said that somewhere.

That’s because I have a visual imagination and virtual casts for all my stories – okay, sometimes some characters just don’t exist on this planet, and if they do I’m not aware of them, but you got the point! 😉 So, what is the point of this post, you may ask? Just a random rant because, hey, it’s Friday, I’m tired, weather is crazy, DayJob is even worse and all I want to do is go to sleep and wake up when it’s over.

But I still have to write 2 Snippets, and one has a virtual cast but I don’t seem to be able to figure out the scenes because I’d rather be thinking my variations on a theme that I will never write. That’s another great procrastination technique, telling myself stories I know I’ll never put down in writing for various reasons instead of concentrating on the projects that I have set up back in January. But then I can bemoan what a sloth I’ve become and how hard it is to break into this brand new world of publishing, LOL! 😉

Just kidding. Something will be published next week, so I’m doing just fine. Yes, I’ve slowed down the writing, so what? The first 2 years of publishing were basically backlist – old stories translated and rewritten. This year I’m improvising, so I need time to let things settle before I hit publish – and I need time to get comments  from beta-readers as well. But it’s not a gold rush, so… I’ll just keep writing. And because in May I was supposed to be finished with the Snippets but I’m not, I guess I’ll go back to them in June – from tomorrow I change pseudonym hat! 😉

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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  1. june h.

     /  10/05/2013

    Ah dayjobs…. I hope it doesn’t weary you out every day! Best of luck in your writing 🙂


    • I’ve been working for them for ONLY 25 years… I can last a few more – until I live off my royalties! 😉
      Happy writing to you too! 😀



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