Sunday Surprise

… and it’s Art Sunday! Because I’ve been doodling and playing with the characters of Star Minds while writing the prequels/snippets, so please check the DeviantART gallery! 🙂 I have added Mya and Maela before the story, which means Mya wears the GP bodysuit and not the black uniform of the other drawing and Maela is still fully Human. Their story happen almost at the same time, so I will probably publish them bundled together – when I write them, that is! 😉

youngMaela&Mya_resizeMore also in the Portraits gallery… but not posting it here, not this time! 😉 Now next time I get to work with paper and pencil, I really should start on SKYBAND13… I don’t have anymore pics in the portraits folders at the moment, so it would be good timing! But then I still have to draw some Star Minds secondary characters… except I probably never will because I’m so bad at drawing technology.

I should do Tyro and C’ell’andy – Tyro is bald, and I love drawing hair and eyes. No hair, not fun. And C’ell’andy is a cyborg, I’d never be able to draw the technological centaur, not even when he has more human (but still prosthetic) legs… I was bad enough with Maela! 😦

Now I shall go back to writing, finishing M’aera S’iva’s story so I can move to the two above and Gaurishankar… One last little thing – sort of related because 1) it’s a graphic novel (which goes well with Art Sunday) and 2) it’s set in 1982 (which goes well with Star Minds, since Kol-ian, Chantal and Daniele leave Earth in November 1982): I found Waltz with Bashir at the newsagent yesterday (Italian version, but I’m linking to the English one so you’ll know what I’m talking about). I didn’t watch the animated movie when it came out, but I decided to give a chance to this booklet. The art is not my favorite, but I had to read it because it’s my first into graphic journalism.

Well, I liked the tone and the feel, and I felt sorry for the young soldiers shooting without even knowing why and becoming so traumatized they completely forgot what happened. I’m impressed by the will of the writer-director to try to remember the massacre. And when I think that Beirut isn’t too far from Rome, where I was living blissfully unaware of what was going on (never watched the news, never will, everything I know comes from earsay or specific searches)… Wow.

Now I’d love to add a little sentence about it in Shooting Star (after all Kol-ian is in Europe at the time and his sensors see way beyond what we could), but I can’t add every little single event of 1982. Kol-ian is against war and he’s concentrating on Earth’s music – he is aware we are warmongering pawns of the Saurians, but he tries not to dwell on that. So no, no mention of this – I believe Ari Folmin and David Polonski did a great job already! 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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