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First I’d like to announce I signed up for the Hop Against Homophobia and Transfobia again. With both English pen-names since B.G. Hope doesn’t have a blog but she’ll have a new title out by then. So that’s why you see the symbol in the sidebar – will stay there until the end of the month. Hope to see you there. I don’t know yet what I will post, but there will certainly be a giveaway.

To keep the randomness going, here are 10 things never to say to a single. I’ve had most of them said to me and I never liked it. I’m might look single, but I’m married to Mr Writing and I’m doing fine, thank you. And I’m not young anymore, which means I probably got to this point by choice. I’ve stopped looking for Prince Charming once I figured out that fairy tales are just that – tales, fiction and if you go to their roots and read the originals they’re not even kid-friendly for the most part.

Which goes well with Moira Allen’s article on relationships with books! I also tended to finish what I started, but lately, since my TBR pile never goes down, sometimes I drop the ball. I have one book on my Kindle I couldn’t go past chatper 2. And I’ve struggled through friends’ books (and then didn’t review them because I didn’t like them, hehe), but usually I usually buy the “right” books and read them in full. The only times I can leave them unfinished it’s when I am gifted with books or if I’m trying to go through some classic – for example I don’t like south-American authors, and when I was gifted a hardback from a famous Latin-American author, I never went past chapter 1.

I read the first issue of Fiction River! This anthology was a great read. Glad Dean Wesley Smith and Kris Rusch went back to editing and publishing!
5 stars to: “The grasshopper and my Aunts”, “Here, Kitty Kitty”, Shadow side.
4 stars to: “Life between dreams”, “That lost riddle”, “Barbarians”.
3 stars to: “Finally family”, “Sisters”, “Dog Boy Remembers”.
2 stars to: “True Calling”, “A taste of joie de vivre”, “The witch’s house”
If you like short stories, don’t miss it! 🙂

I also read a non-fiction book about selling on Kindle. Making a Killing on Kindle (Without Blogging, Facebook and Twitter). I blog but not to market my books, I have one FB profile and I don’t Tweet. My other pen-name has only a static web-page and she sells more than me – on Amazon, which is the aim of this book. Still I read this book – yes, I liked it, but… This is good for Authors, not Writers. His way takes 18 hours to implement sales – 18 hours PER BOOK, so for a prolific writer like me, well, I’d rather be off writing the next story. Something I learned – I’ll be more careful with keywords and categories with my next books. He explains how to put HTML in the book description on Amazon and has some tips on book blurbs – but I will definitely NOT check my Amazon sales rank every day like he suggests. But if you have only one or two “babies” out, or if you want to tame the Mighty Zon, or you’re a KDP Select author, give this book a try. It concentrates on the Kindle ecosystem (although there is a comparison with B&N at some point) and has advice on pricing, ranking, SEO writing, reviews, book blurbs and all that useful stuff. I will not apply it to the 40+ books that are already out, though, but I’ll keep it in mind for the next releases.

Last geeky bit of the week. On Facebook I was reminded of an anniversary – and wonder too “where is my flying car?”:

320711_566051906759472_684088479_nNow I should find the time to re-watch all three movies, hehe! But I’d rather watch “V” (the original TV series) first, as it helps with the Star Minds Snippets (although I have already written about Kol-ian and S’lyss on Earth – but I can always add some meat to the story after I rewatch that! ;))… If I didn’t have so much reading to do, I could spend more time in front of the TV, sigh! But I’m a writer, albeit a very visual one, so I better be off reading than watching movies (although my main inspiration comes from movies and comics and I always have a virtual cast in mind when I write, hehe)! 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. A strong and perfectly valid point made on what not to say to singles. Unfortunately everything that makes you different is questioned and the questioner assumes the right to know. Similar other questions: Why don’t you have kids? Why don’t you believe in God? Why are you gay? That people should assume the right to tell other how they should live their lives and question their choices if they won’t – makes me pity them. Their lives must be so boring and they must be so full of self-loathing that they have to entertain themselves by needling others.


    • either that or they’re so full of themselves they think they live the only perfect life and wante everybody else to be like them. But we all know that what works for you might not work for we… well, I know, you know, but they obviously don’t! 🙂
      The latest “street shrink” who wants to tell me how I’m supposed to live my life is even 20+ years younger than me… if he thinks I’m ever going to listen to his oh-so-right life suggestions… 😉


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