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First, April summary: thanks to old and new visitors, I’ve broken my previous record of visits. Welcome if you’re new, thank you if you’ve been following for a while. April sales: interesting! Zero on Amazon (unusual) and Kobo (usual) and XinXii (still have to see a sale there, LOL!), a couple on DriveThru, one on Smashwords and 7 on Apple via D2D – and I’ve been with them only a couple of weeks.

Now, I have no idea if and when I’ll see the money, but I’m very glad I can see a sale the day it’s made. My collegue bought 2 more books on the i-bookstore and I immediately saw the sale. The previous 2 he’d bought when I sent them to Apple via Smashwords took 2 months to show on my dashboard. So I’m very happy with this service at the moment! πŸ™‚

I’ve used the Kindle Comic Creator and done a mobi file of Fleur de Lys – it’s now available on Amazon as well as DriveThruComics (where there’s only the PDF available).

MaeraSivaCol_resizeTo end the Star Minds month I was a guest on Zach Sweets’s blog with the genesis of the story. And he kindly included some pictures – the banner and the meeting of Kol-ian and M’aera S’iva as shown in my DeviantART gallery! πŸ˜‰ As forΒ  writing, I have completed 3 Snippets and working on the fourth – or maybe the fifth: M’aera S’iva’s story (or better his point of view on the whole thing). This is actually my third attempt at drawing Kol-ian’s first love, but the first didn’t make it to colors at all (the second is in the above gallery, if you’d like to click on the link).

Interesting writers links of the week: Kris Rusch on experiments – which is what all indie authors should do. And more words of wisdom from Neil Gaiman as well about this brand new world of publishing. I know I’m one of the few pioneers from Italy, and I’m both terrified and exalted to be on this road. Sometimes it’s very lonely – not knowing who to ask how to apply the great teachings of Americans such as Kris Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith to Italy’s laws. Sigh.

Does that mean I need nurturing? Nope. Sometimes I only need to spend a few hours with Cristina (who in return helped me draw the wings of M’aera S’iva in this very drawing) to feel less lonely in my journey. Do you need nurturing with Self-publishing? I don’t think so. Especially after you read J.W.Manus post on the topic.

An interesting discussion on frontmatter and endmatter in e-books. I’ve also used Joe Konrath’s version of putting the blurb at the beginning, but only with Death of Queen Amazonia so far.

And speaking of Joe Konrath, here’s his reply to Patterson’s campaign (that looks totally useless to me, but then, I’m not American and I don’t get to vote on that, LOL!). That’s another NYTbestseller behaving like Scott Turow – just because they make money doesn’t mean everybody else does. I guess they feel threatened by us small fish, hehe. We can grow teeth, like sharks, and eat them alive! πŸ˜€

One last link by Colleen Doran – if you wonder why I took off all my pics from Facebook, it’s because I had heard something about FB policies about photos… And she has found out that the UK has passed Orphan Works Bill. Just take off your pictures that you share online, it’s obviously safer… (My author page has only my book covers that are available everywhere the books are sold anyway – my private profile is almost pictureless, and I don’t use Instagram, hehe)

Have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚

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