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From Writing World newsletter – how authors lose sales to unsavvy use of social networks. Check what should be present on your blog, Facebook profile, Twitter or whatnot – yeah, those buy-links for impulse buys. I do add them with new releases. And if you want to know where to find my books, go to the find my stuff page, the Silvery Earth Chronology or the Star Minds page – or to the B.G. Hope website! 😉 Yeah, you can’t miss me if you don’t want to!  😀

If you’re a writer and want to do a workshop on writing for YA, please check the silent auction for David Farland. Again it will help to pay his son’s medical expenses and I think Dave is a great teacher. I’m not interested in writing in that genre, but if it’s your thing, please give it a try! 🙂

I’ll keep giving links before the writerly updates, so: Joe Konrath on fair use – I’m with him on the subject of piracy. That’s why I’m against DRM (although some titles on Kobo still have it for a glitch in Writing Life dashboard – eventually I’ll write again to the support team and ask them how can I get rid of it on all titles).

Dean Wesley Smith still killing the sacred cows of publishing – those myths everybody believes in. Everybody who is trying to break into traditional publishing, that is. I started writing in my own limbo, and had no idea that those things existed until I started writing in English and researching for publication, LOL! Anywah, that’s why I’m a fast writer – I was never told I wasn’t supposed to write that fast!

D2DGot my first sale through D2D and uploaded a few more books there! I will slowly give up Smashwords distribution, as it hasn’t brought in much money – most of my earnings were from Smashwords itself, not the distribution channels. I would like to have a few more titles up and a few more data before I do a post on the two distributors, though… I’ve found on Writing World also Kbuuk, but they distribute only to Amazon, Kobo and B&N (and I go direct to the first 2), so I guess I’ll stick to D2D – and Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, XinXii and DriveThru! 🙂

Kerris&LinsunTXT_resizeI’ve spent the weekend uploading and writing those Snippets and coloring those drawings of Star Minds. Full gallery on DeviantART, I will post here only Lin-sun and Ker-ris’s wedding (Snippet “The Heir”). And I’ve written “Lost Son” and started on “Shooting Star” – that prologue will definitely be changed as I “recycled” some of those sentences in Technological Angel. But that’s fine, I still have a lot to tell about Kol-ian’s arrival on Earth. Especially now that I know how Uwe-yuri (Ker-ris’s father) got there, LOL!

I also re-read the whole thing and revised a few things on the first two Snippets – hence the decision to wait until I read it all to continue the writing. It has taken me so long to write, I had forgotten some details, so I had to adjust even The Heir and Lost Son. Not to mention rewrite Shooting Star‘s beginning from scratch. I can continue now that I’m fully immersed in that universe again and talk about Kol-ian’s stay on Earth.

Then I’ll move back in time – to when Kol-ian left Marc’harid, heartbroken, and when Gaurishankar became a were-panther and Mya joined the Galaxy Police. Also Maela before the birth of Dadina and then M’aera S’iva’s story. And then I don’t know. Might dedicate a snippet to the bad guys of Book 3, but it might be too much (well, the Sadistic Author will be happy, the readers… probably not so much! ;)).

I also found out that Amazon has put a free Kindle Comic Creator – Mobipocket doesn’t really work for comics, so I downloaded this new thingy and will do some attempts during the next “short” weeks (April 25 and May 1 are national holidays in Italy, so I’m off DayJob, hehe) while continuing to move the Silvery Earth titles from Smashwords distribution to D2D. Gee, when am I supposed to write with all that publishing business going on?! Sigh. Glad it’s short stories that write themselves in a couple of days (although they need revisions for continuity afterward)! 🙂

Back to writing… and uploading… Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Thanks for sharing the link “how authors lose sales to unsavvy use of social networks” – ditto for artists 🙂


    • artists and writers have a lot in common… and we both know that as we straddle both horses! 😉



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