Sunday Surprise

… and it’s another guest! Don’t worry, I’ve almost run out of them… 😉 Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jill Sanders who gracefully answered all my writerly questions!

Jill321. Where do you live and write from?
I currently live in East Texas and usually write from anyplace in my home that isn’t under construction at the time.
2. When did you start writing?
I started wanting to write young adult or romance books when I was a teenager. I actually wrote a “novel” with my twin sister and best friend. Then, in High School I had a few teachers that encouraged me to write descriptive stories. I fell in love.
I started writing the Pride Series shortly after my mother died, when I started having vivid dreams. Taking my husbands advice, I started writing them down. 
3. What genre(s) do you write?
Contemporary Romance with some suspense and excitement.
4. Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?
I’ve always been a story teller in my head. Now, I just write them down and entertain others.

5. Do you have a specific writing routine?
No, just sit down when the story calls me.
6. Out liner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?
Both, I’m great at improvising an outline and outlining my improvised writings. Fast, I’m a speed reader and typer. 

DiscoveingPride_resize7. Tell us about your latest book
Discovering Pride tells the story of spit-fire Lacey Jordan. Lacey has a knack for knowing things before they happen. She helps run her families restaurant and has always had her life laid out, until she bumps into the new town doctor, Aaron Stevens. Aaron has just moved in to town to take over his Grandfather’s medical practice after coming out of a terrible relationship. All he wants to do is work on turning the old house he has just purchased into a place he can call home. But, he can’t stop thinking about the fairy creature he bumped into while swimming In his pond.
8. Indie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?
Indie for now. I would, as all writers, loved to get published.
9. Any other projects in the pipeline?
Yes, I have the last two books in this series. 
Returning Pride Release date – July 2013

Returning Pride is the story of Iian Jordan. After losing his hearing at eighteen in a boating accident that claimed his father’s life, he wrote off trying to have a real relationship. Especially, with the one woman he’s had his eyes on since grade school. Communicating is hard enough while trying to run your own restaurant, but now the one woman he has a hard time speaking in front of has just walked back into his life. Allison Adams has been away from her home town for over two years. Living in LA helped jump start her art career, but now, coming home was supposed to be a sweet break. But, upon arriving, her life is consumed with her mother’s illness. With the help of her town and her one and only love, she might just have returned home for something more.
Lasting Pride Release date – Early 2014

Lasting Pride is the story of Ric Derby and Detective Roberta Stanton. When one of Ric’s art galleries is broken into and his assistant is brutally killed, he must work side by side with the police to find the millions in art that has gone missing. What he didn’t expect is that the petite brunette with the bedroom eyes is the best detective in Portland. But then, when Ric starts getting threats and someone has even tried to kill him, Roberta takes matters into her own hands. Moving him down the coast to his friends in the small town of Pride, is her idea of witness protection. But, then she learns a lesson that years on her own had never prepared her for. How to trust someone with not only your life, but your heart.
FindingPrideFront_resize10. What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?
I would love to finish this four part series by later next year, then I have a dozen or so more books in various stages of completion. My dream is to be able to make writing a full time career and maybe have it actually pay the bills.
Amazon Links:
Whoot! Best of luck to you, Jill! There you have it, folks… Go check her books! Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Rohan 7 Things

     /  22/04/2013

    Another interesting author! It’s so important to learn from others, every writer has something to share and these interviews are a great way to let them express their experience 🙂

    Thanks for sharing guys!



    • okay, I can say it now, I’ve run out of writers to interview… so if you know anyone, send him/her to this blog! 🙂
      Thanks for commenting!


  2. I am a part-time writer 😉
    PS: What happened to “Namaste”?

    Do keep the writer-interview series going. Writer Interviews are a lot more interesting to read than the artist-interviews. All artists ever talk about is pencils, paint, and other smelly stuff.

    Jill’s interview took me back to the days when I was fourteen and I had just discovered Barbara Cartland and Denise Robbins. I still remember some of those stories – the darkest color they had was the green of jealousy…


    • well, I know a digital painter (Maurizio Manzieri) and he can talk about Photoshop and i-Pads… that traditional stuff is so 20th century! 😉


      • I can talk about those two things too…but talking about Photoshop and iPad is so un-artistlike 😦


        • half-artist who has gone half-digital (for illustrations mostly) – I know what you mean. But being so hopeless with brushes, I’m very happy NOT to talk about traditional stuff! 😉


  3. Rohan 7 Things

     /  23/04/2013

    Hey Barb, here are a few good writer pals of mine who might like to be interviewed:

    Rory Mackay:

    Lada Ray:

    And Dianne Gray:

    I’m sure they’d enjoy the interview 🙂

    Keep well!



  1. Jill Sanders ♥ Links to other

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