Random Friday

It’s Reading Friday, considering I’ve added a few books to my Goodreads list (which was good to boost my count to reach the goal of 65 books, haha)!

First, I’d like to talk about last Sunday’s guests, Alex&Rohan Healy and their Gyaros book 1. I really liked the fast pacing, but it could be tightened a little – sometimes there are repetitions that slow down the action. Yes, there’s a good old omniscient narrator (something that I used a lot in the 20th century) and it’s still a little rough, but I can see the potential. Another pass and a good editor will make this book shine. I liked this story of a common man in an uncommon situation with Murphy’s law going at him every time he thinks he’s safe! 😉 Looking forward to the sequel…

The rest is not really prose, so it was quick reading. Dead Moon and Dead Moon Epilogue I bought mostly for Luis Royo’s art. The text wasn’t particularly interesting, but I loved the Asian feeling of the illustrations. Same for the mermaid story illustrated by Victoria Frances – I bought it for the art, not for the text! 😉

A flight of angels was an interesting take on angels and faeries, beautifully illustrated in different styles by Rebecca Guay. I didn’t know her, so I’m glad I discovered her. The rest were comics, strips by Silvia Ziche (one of my favorite Italian comic book artists) and parodies by Enrique V.Vegas (Star Wars, Spiderman, Wolverine, but also Pirates of the Caribbean and Captain America and Thor). Both have a very humoristic style and are very funny.

Anyway, you can check the list here… Now I’m reading an Italian dead-trees book, so I won’t review it here, then I’m going through Star Minds again, otherwise I write the Snippets and then have to rewrite because I don’t remember what I wrote, haha. So before I keep going (I’ll finish Lost Son before the weekend, though) I need to go through the 3 books, taking notes for what I want to expand. I’m quite happy about the story of Ker-ris’s wedding… until someone destroys it! 😉

cap12covTXTebookNow spring is here and I’m already slowing down… so I won’t do anything new on D2D until the weekend. And I just sold another SKYBAND 12 on DTC. I’ll put more naked men on my covers from now on, LOL! Seriously, is this cover so much better than the others (see full list)?!

Anyhow, I’ll try to start on SKYBAND 13… if I don’t get distracted by the Star Minds drawings. I know I need to redo Lin-sun (first attempts), and then I have Gaurishankar, Maela, Mya and I don’t like the way I did M’aera S’iva, so I’ll have to look for another picture. With the adult filter off I discovered lots of naked long-haired men on DeviantART… you never stop learning! 😉

I guess that’s all for now. Guess I’m still tired from the length of these posts… will catch up, eventually! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!

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