Writer Wednesday

Phew, 4 days without checking the spam folder and I found 26. Meh.

Back from Torino Comics, where I spent a couple of afternoons next to C.B. Cebuski, listening to him commenting on portfolios (and helping with translation when the artist didn’t speak any English). Interesting insight on Marvel Comics – pity I stopped reading Fantastic Four in the early 1990s (read when John Byrne came onboard). Not that I planned on submitting anything, but it was great seeing all those young artists (mostly from Torino and Reggio Emilia comic schools) submitting their works hoping to be hired by Marvel. Some were really good and I sure hope they manage to get to work with Marvel eventually! 🙂

Bought comics (Enrique V. Vegas – link in Spanish, but his parodies are published in Italian- and Silvia Ziche – funny, they were born the same year, LOL) and illustrated books (by illustrators Victoria Francés and Luis Royo) and came back with my backpack heavy with dead-tree-books. But comics or illustration books don’t look good on Kindle…

On the train back I also started writing another Star Minds snippet, hoping to finish it soon. But there’s still plenty to write (I think it’s 7 or 8, but I don’t want to check right now! ;)), although I hope to finish a first draft for all of them soon. And hopefully to post some here – unedited, so feel free to point out typos and grammar errors. Stay tuned! 🙂

Scott Turow did it again and Kris Rusch wrote an excellent post – not really against him, as, like she says, others have done so, but starting from his whiny New York Times article on the death of the American author, which a member of my offline writers group sent to the list, wondering if she should worry about royalties (hint: if you’re trad published, yes!). I like Kris’s take on the matter, as usual, but then – I’m proud of being indie, even if I don’t have the numbers of many romance writers – most of the people who reported here are romance writers and have much higher numbers than me. But I’m proud of my achievements, so I won’t complain! 🙂

I must say that being away and not having all the retailers bookmarked, I didn’t check my numbers while I was away. Which is good, because they didn’t move from the flatline! 😉 Now I’ll have to add more titles on D2D and then I’ll write something for SPAL – although no sales there yet, but I can compare the two dashboards (SW/D2D)… stay tuned for that too, I’m still – can’t say jet-lagged, going from south to north, but well, let’s say I’m not young anymore and traveling upsets my routine! 😉

David Farland on taking criticism, and don’t forget to donate for Ben Wolverton’s health if you haven’t already. I didn’t have time to check other blogs (these links came into my inbox), so the rest next week… Now I better go back to writing those Star Minds Snippets!

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