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SM3_resizeSo… it’s out! Star Minds book 3 is finally live on all e-book platforms I know of – Kobo being the slowest to let a title go live. Anyway, April will be Star Minds month for me, and in fact I changed my Facebook cover to match. In May I shall put back the one that says “Fantasy Author”. I’ll be hopping around blogs this month, but I’ll let you know where and when as time approaches. I also made a banner for the series, I’ll add it at the end of the post.

And then I’ll be writing those snippets. Can’t let them go, LOL! Not sure if I should write in chronological order or simply what fancies me at the moment. I know that a couple of short stories are very clear in my mind, others are just an idea I need to brew. So maybe I’ll start with the ones I already “know” (because I’ve seen them unfold in my head) and in the meantime think about the others.

As tomorrow I’ll be off to Torino Comics, I have plenty of time to program and brainstorm with myself. I won’t bring any writing and I hope to catch up on some reading on the train rides. Although I really look forward to reading… Star Minds in as few sittings as I can, LOL! Yeah, I write what I want to read, so sometimes I need to go back to my favorite author – me! 😀

Coupons have gone out to people who commented on Sunday. I expected at least 7 comments, as 7 people requested the giveaway, but well… that’s why I don’t do many giveaways in the first place. I even tried the Facebook Offer – but it doesn’t really work for a giveaway, I didn’t know what to put on the “budget” field. Anyone has done it and succeeded? I’m assuming it’s paid advertising on Facebook, and I’m not shelling any $ for that – I’d rather pay my beloved editors instead! 😉

Oh, and blame it on Rohan if I went back to Windows Movie Maker and did another book trailer – it’s just another procrastination technique for a lazy Sunday night! 😉 Love these guys so much, I did the Star Minds book trailer – after a whole year of not doing any! All the other are from 2011, I did none last year… well, there you have it, a new book trailer… enjoy! 🙂

Last Thursday I arrived home and found my first Amazon check waiting for me. I haven’t cashed it yet, as I want to parade it a little longer – won’t buy my way out of DayJob, but at least I can show everybody that I am earning something and this is not a hobby, but my real work! 🙂 The hundred bucks or so add up to the similar amount I made on Smashwords last year… took me slightly longer to get them from Amazon! 🙂

Speaking of Smashwords, my best seller (by B.G.Hope) wasn’t shipped to Apple since August. It was in the premium catalog, but never went to them (to the other distributors yes). So I wrote to ask them what was up, and after 4 days someone told me it might be because there’s a stupid error at some point. And of course at that point I had to redo the cover because it was too small… Grr.

Not to mention how late SW is in paying whatever sells on the other retailers (not much, but still…), so I am trying a brand new distributor. Draft2Digital is explained here and so far I’ve heard only good things about them. I had noticed Amazon taking away the tags to our books, and I feel Smashwords can’t hold the momentum – except for those great coupon thingies. So I decided to experiment with… well, Star Minds, what else? 😉 D2D doesn’t have a shop, but in less than 24hours I got an e-mail saying all 3 titles are live on B&N (withouth the wait for the premium distribution – yes, even Slave Traders!). We’ll see if the e-pub passes Apple’s test and get there almost as fast, and then I shall slowly upload also the other titles (next week), hoping they’ll show up in the Apple i-bookstore faster and better…

Anyhow, with all these things going on, I didn’t have much time to check blogs, so no links this week. Except to this:

Ben Wolverton, age 16, was in a tragic long-boarding accident on Wednesday the 4th, 2013. He suffers from severe brain trauma, a cracked skull, broken pelvis and tail bone, burnt knees, bruised lungs, broken ear drums, road rash, pneumonia, and is currently in a coma. His family has no insurance. Ben is the son of author David Farland, whose books have won multiple awards, and who is widely known as a mentor to many prominent authors, such as Brandon Sanderson, Stephenie Meyer, and Brandon Mull. Costs for… Ben’s treatment are expected to rise above $1,000,0000. To help raise money for Ben, we are having a book bomb (focused on Nightingale and Million Dollar Outlines) on behalf of Ben.
Go to the Facebook event and join in or donate for Ben’s recovery. He might become as goog a writer as his father, so here’s to his recovery and a healthy long life. And if you’re a beginning writer, you might want to attend a few of David Farland’s classes – although who knows when the next will be. Dave is a great teacher and a great writer, so subscribe to his daily kicks if you haven’t already!


Where to find the books:

Book 1 – Technological Angel out now on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii.

Book 2 – Mind Link out now on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii.

Book 3 – Slave Traders out now on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii.

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