Random Friday

Okay, before I go back to experimenting with Mobipocket Creator and Calibre, let’s have an Art Friday! 😉 I’ve almost lettered all of chapter one of Fleur de Lys, so I’ll spend the weekend trying to make an ebook – a non-reflowable all-JPG e-book. Ouch. Wish me luck.

Because I was so artsy last weekend, I also did two Caran d’Ache portraits – but uploaded only one on DeviantART as I wasn’t happy with the second, LOL. I’ll repost it here along with the original picture. I couldn’t bother to look through the 260+ pics to add the link on DeviantART, so I put them together here, just to show you how I changed the colors.

Hrithik17fotoAnd before you ask, no, I’m not going to draw all the other 200+ pics. At the moment I have 2 more, and I might find half a dozen more by the end of the year (it’s only the first quarter after all…), but that’s it. I might find a few more on the official (?) Facebook page, but again, I won’t do more than 30 drawing tops (including last year). I only need 12 new drawings for next year’s calendar, LOL!

The Easter bunny brought the news that Goodreads enters the Amazon family… if it’s good or bad, I don’t know yet. Here’s the Goodreads blog post and the Amazon press release. I remember when Goodreads got its book data from Amazon and B&N – and then they vanished. I had to add my books manually. And if it’s good for readers, well, it’s welcome (although no, I don’t want to be able to add the books I buy on Kindle to my to-read list like someone said in the comments – but as long as I can uncheck the option, it’s fine).

I still haven’t figured out if Goodreads actually brings sales (I don’t think so), so it’s the only readers’ social media I’ll use to keep track of my reading for now. And I guess that if Amazon is back with them, I don’t need Shelfari anymore – should I try Anobii for the Italian titles? Meh. Not enough Italian friends who read anyway. And Facebook updates are pissing me off, but I don’t want to move to Google+ either. This social media thing is bothersome as a person and as an author, so I’ll stick to the old path – Facebook to keep in touch with friends and Goodreads to keep track of what I read. Sounds like a third (or fourth) job already and it’s supposed to be fun! 😉

Starded a new book, but won’t talk about it yet. I’ll try to write more than draw this long weekend (gotta work on the body switch after finishing Star Minds 3, now with editor for final pass before publication)… so I’ll keep this short and sweet! Wishing you a wonderful long weekend!

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