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Not much writing done, but lots of experiments. Still trying to figure out how to format comics & graphic novels for the e-readers. On my Kindle, the ebook comes out with blank pages between panels. In spite of the very good instructions of this manual and this other manual I found on the Kindle forums (which is part of the more general “formatting ebooks for Kindle” with an introduction about self-publishing). I guess I’ll have to learn some HTML to make the books look right.

temporary cover - not sure I like it as is

temporary cover – not sure I like it

I was also a guest on Shafali’s blog, hence the weekend spent on my comics & graphic novels after writing that post, LOL! Not selling much in that department, but if I don’t put them out there, how am I going to sell them? 😉 Some are really badly drawn, so they’ll stay in my drawers like some of the older stories (well, most of the older stories, LOL), but some will eventually come out. Maybe I’ll redraw the beginning of Mercenaries?! when I’m done with S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. before publishing it again…

I still need to put the lettering on Fleur de Lys, and will publish it in 5 parts to avoid big files to download – but the print version will be one volume. I will continue to put the comics and graphic novels on DriveThruComics first, then, when I figure out the formatting, I can add them to KDP, Kobo and Smashwords – on the latter there’s already Lady Ice and Jessamine as experiments. They went fine through the meatgrinder, why can’t I make such neat files too? Sigh. They look almost right in Calibre, but on my Kindle… not. Meh.

Moving from art to writing, here’s Shafali’s tips for wannabe artists. Substitute “draw” with “writing” and it could be my suggestions to wannabe writers. Just get your butt down somewhere and write, damn it! Carry a moleskin with you at all times and don’t forget you learned handwriting before using a computer. Don’t disdain your handwriting – it’s excellent for fast notes or that scene that might skip out of your head if you don’t jot it down right now! Writers write and artists draw! 🙂

I shelved the Amazons story as well – too much work. Besides, today I can go back to Slave Traders and the body switch, so I’m happy. I don’t worry too much if I skip a month  of writing, I know I can go back to my routine whenever I want. It’s an addiction by now anyway, so even if I wasn’t writing a new story, I was still working on some projects that hopefully will see the light soon. I obviously need to slow down the production – not the actual writing, but the publishing process – and I won’t panic until the second semester of the year. I’m still on track anyway! 🙂

I’ll also have to open that CreateSpace account, as Lulu partners with Author Solutions now. Hopefully this won’t affect the old titles, but shame on them. I never paid for any of their marketing or publishing packages, but teaming with a company that’s being investigated is really dumb. Anyway, I’ll have to work on new print editions of all the books. Sigh. More publishing work that has nothing to do with writing. Meh. 😦

More publishers behaving badly on David Gaughran’s blog. Where the slush pile went by Dean Wesley Smith (you guessed it, the indie authors…). Joe Konrath on exclusivity – still not sure about KDP Select, but maybe this year I’ll try even that. Kris Rusch about that bad book every writer eventually writes – but maybe somebody will love it anyway.

So what kind of writer are you? I’m halfway between the introverted-extroverted and the introverted. I do limited social networking and I enjoy writing this blog. Advice from Ruth Ann Nordin about what writers should do. And also some advice from David Farland – don’t be a loner like me, join a writing community (although his writers forum is quite dead by now…). I couldn’t find any for my tastes, but I’m a grumpy old woman! 😉

I’m finishing this post by adding the poll again… if you haven’t voted yet, please do so – especially if you don’t want me to do anything! It’s only a little click, come on! 🙂 *puppy eyes* Have a great week!

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  1. I do not envy you the task of formatting a graphic novel for reflowing eBook formats – hope you can find a way to get it nice and neat!

    I hadn’t heard about the Lulu/Author Solutions thing. Seems like an odd move.


    • graphic novels and children’s books are not reflowable, and that’s the problem. You need to save the images at a low resolution or the file is too big. Lots of problems in there. That’s why at the moment I have only PDFs available (I can’t redo the lettering on SKYBAND at this time…). Trying to use bigger fonts on Fleur de Lys so it will be readable on Kindle screens… experiment, experiment!
      I heard about Lulu/Author Solution on the Smashwords Authors Goodreads group… not too happy at the news! 😦


  2. Thanks for the mention, Barb 🙂 Forgot to ask you about Sunday’s class…how did it go? It is really possible to format the pages of a graphic novel for Kindle? I thought one would just create jpgs of all the pages and upload them one by one. But I don’t have a Kindle nor have I ever tried publishing on Amazon, so I have no idea.


    • yesterday’s class was a little better – will talk about it in private! 😉
      No, you can’t upload the pages one by one, you’d have a hundred one-page books! You have to do a sort of booklet, but it’s tricky to have the pages come out right… try the Smashwords files (on your i-Pad) – that’s the correct way which I couldn’t duplicate yet…


  3. I voted. Same as earlier. Looks like your poll is catching on 🙂


    • Danyavad (badly spelled, I know, I don’t have a Hindi keyboard, sorry)! 🙂


      • just add an “h” – Dhanyavad is fine. Shukriya is the urdu counterpart of Dhanyavad. “Thank You” is what every Indian uses, even when with their native tongue 🙂


  4. I like the temporary cover 🙂 ha! if you figure out how to get images to reflow let me know!


    • images can’t reflow, and that’s the trick… you need to save them at 72dpi max (more is useless for ebooks) and then a slightly different size from Kindle to Nook/i-Pad. Means 2 folders for the 2 formats. And if there’s text (as in comics), you need to resize it and write bigger or it will be unreadable on a Kindle screen… so all that prose in SKYBAND is unreadable on a Kindle! 😦 NOT going to redo the lettering at this time, though… still have to finish it, LOL! 🙂


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