Writer Wednesday

… starting with some writerly advice. Definitely follow Hugh C.Howey’s advice for aspiring writers and make sure you don’t do the same mistakes Neal Pollack did (the only thing I recomment is in part2 of the interview):

I spent a lot of years trying to turn myself into a brand because they told us self-branding is a way to success. And I kind of believed the hype. It’s just not true. To this day, I see writers publishing their first book or their second book and I can just see them going overboard with the marketing and getting all hyped up about it. You just have to write. If something good happens for you, post it on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or wherever you make your social-media home, but don’t overdo it. Enough with the marketing! Enough with the goddamn marketing already! I’m sick of it.

I didn’t spend years trying to self-brand (but I did spend a few years trying to become a screenwriter, LOL!), but one thing’s for sure: I never sold a copy through a Facebook “like”. Nobody participates in my giveaways, either here, on Goodreads or Facebook. The blog now has as many followers as the Facebook page. And no, it didn’t increase my sales either. And nobody voted in the poll, so I still have no idea of who comes here and why.

So, Dear Spammer who wrote to me after visiting my Facebook Fanpage:

No, I don’t care about promoting to a much wider audience – I don’t have a much wider audience. I have a very small audience and I haven’t reached it yet – but if you know of any adults who still like fantasy and wild adventures (without the whiny teen hero who needs to grow up in the process) send them to the Find My stuff or Silvery Earth Chronology pages.

I’m much better off writing. Spent the weekend preparing the Italian titles for this week’s release, stripping DRM from those Italian ebooks I got last year (unreadable except on my laptop screen, which is not going to happen, ever! Now I have them on my Kindle, yay!) and then writing that Amazons story – that might end up in a drawer for some time, but I had to try.

I’m still waiting for a beta with comments on Slave Traders, so I’d rather be writing something I’ll shelve forever than not writing while I wait! 😉 Unfortunately I have a very busy week, so I won’t be able to meet with her (the Offline Beta-reader rocks!) until the next… But as I’ll be busy making projects with friends, I’m not complaining! 😉 And I’ll be playing auntie as well tomorrow. And I’m off Dayjob on Friday. So short week but filled with creativity! 😉

If you need help to plan your life and/or your writing, try following this 5-step process to plan your week. It’s an old post, but I found it while I was looking for a permanent weekly planner template. I was thinking I could do a weekly calendar with a Happiness Is… vignette (52 for a General Happiness is… and 52 for a Writer Happiness is…) and maybe I have found a template, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it. Oh, and if you’re a blogger, you might like the Blogging Weekly Planner! 🙂

Sunday I also toyed with Mobipocket Creator, seeing if I could create readable Kindle files form my comics, but even the Happiness Is… vignettes are unreadable on Kindle Keyboard – the writing is too tiny or hiddend by “colors” (it’s b&w, in case you don’t have one). Now I will try to scan older comics (the one that came out as photocopied zines in the late 1990s/early 2000s) which have bigger lettering and see what happens… You think I’m procrastinating on that story I’m not happy with? 😉 Of course! I’ll finish it and shelve it, LOL! Or maybe not. I’ll know by next weekend.

By the way, if you still have trouble with the Smashwords meagrinder, follow Ross’s advice instead of the very long Smashwords guide. I use OpenOffice and I’ve become quite proficient with docs, so I won’t need it, but if you’re still struggling with Word, check it out! 🙂 And if you use OpenOffice like me and want the OpenOffice version, just let me know. I now do my Word.docs ready to be formatted for Kobo, Amazon and Smashwords with very few struggle to upload and have them come out as I want them to – but I still have problems with Calibre, I don’t like the way they show up there! 😉

Oh, and thanks to the few people who voted in the poll for 200 followers. I’m pasting it here again, just to get a few more votes (there, now you have 2 polls in one post, LOL). I will post some free fiction, I only need to revise it. Might be on Easter day or probably April (what I have in mind isn’t very Easterly, LOL!)… As for a giveaway… you’ve read above. If you really want one, you’ll have to drop more votes in that hat! 😉

Anyway, stay tuned, I’ll let the polls on until Easter (which means I’ll repost them at least once a week, because I don’t know how to put them in the sidebar, LOL)! 😉 Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Piero

     /  20/03/2013

    ah ah 🙂 you made my day (or, at least, made me smile and start well the day)
    yes, I voted in the stupid poll 🙂
    thanks for Ross’ article on smshwrd meatgrinder (I had given up publishing on smashword after hours of vain attempts!!!)


    • You’re welcome! 😉 I never had problems with the Meatgrinder, but I’ve heard many people (yes, including you) who do! 😀


  2. LOL, I might have to steal your poll ideas 😉 I’m an irregular reader of all blogs, but I enjoy yours Barb.


    • Thank you! 🙂 And when you even meet in person with another blogger, it’s even better, isn’t it! 😉
      I’m also very irregular now, except for the pros that I’d rather check regularly as they’re my only way of keeping updated… more time to read? I know, I should try to sleep less, but I’m regularly exhausted and could never live on a couple of hours sleep! 😦


      • I know! I still think it’s the coolest thing ever to have gotten to meet you even though we live on nearly opposite ends of the world 🙂

        As for information, I’m keeping a head-in-the-sand mentality right now while I’m in the throes of editing and writing. Except for the gadgets I’ve installed on my blog and the inability to keep my fingers out of the design and redesign of my web space (another creative love of mine that demands a little gratification from time to time), I haven’t been doing much research or learning.


        • No rush, those info will be there when you come out of the writing/editing cave! 😉
          And let’s hope next time we can actually sit down with a coffee at some convention… or maybe even doing a panel together! 😀


  3. yay! lots of voting!


    • I’m sure you already voted, Jo, but thanks anyway! 😀
      Multiple votes are very welcome! 😉


  4. I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine award since I love your blog! Great job, keep up the good work 🙂 http://staceykatheryn.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/sunshine-award/



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