Sunday Surprise

… and it’s a guest – albeit not the one scheduled who is postponed to next week! 🙂  Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Peter K. Lean (a.k.a. chronotraveler)!

Thanks, Barbara, for hosting on you blog my first two ‘e-book experiments’.

As you know, I am not an English native speaker writer, but I have recently felt the need to start writing in English, and … I discovered that I love it!

Moreover, I was not a writer of fiction at all; I have published only professional texts, and only in my native language, Italian. But, as they say, it is never too late to start, and during the last months of 2012, pushed by a sudden inspiration, I started to write short stories, which I am now going to include in a collection.

Thanks to the support and appreciation showed by many friends of mine (and a number of them are from UK and USA), I decided to continue writing, and I am now proud to have the first two short stories out on Kindle. They are both sci-fi stories, and one of them is an interesting exploration of the time-travel theme.

For the time being, I am publishing with a pen-name (by the way, suggested by you, Barbara), but I do not exclude, in the future, to use my real name.

And now, let’s go to the stories, that are available for free on Kindle during this weekend and the next one!

GunsThe first one is ‘The Guns of Napoleon’.

A professor of history, a mysterious scientific institute in the Russian countryside, a tablet computer. ‘The Guns of Napoleon’ is a short ‘time-travel’ story, which will lead you to an unexpected future.


GaeaThe second one – ‘Gaea’ – is, perhaps, a traditional science fiction story… but wait to read it before giving me your opinion.

The ‘Silver Belt’ is shining bright in the night sky of Earth in 3299 AD. A book is the only witness of the past times.

“Once upon a time, there was a planet called Mother Earth and she was covered with green forests under blue skies lit by the bright day sun, Sol. In those days, the seas of Earth were proud continents of water that moved in time to the heavens and the ground was so rich you could drop seeds behind you and the crops would spring up as you walked. In the evening, as Sol disappeared over the horizon, Luna, the night sun would rise to light the night sky; a hundred times larger and a thousand times brighter than any other star. For this was before the Fall; a time of wealth and plenty for everyone.”
What happened more than a millennium earlier on Gaea?

You’re wecome, Peter (says the multi-pseudonym writer), and good luck with your writing endehavor. I wish you all a wonderful Sunday… and happy reading!

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