Random Friday

I must say the year started well for this blog. The record of visit I had in January is unbeaten, but February closed with more visits than December 2012, in spite of being a shorter month. So welcome new followers, visitors and whatnot. In case you’re new, this blog has weekly features – Monday: Happiness is… Wednesday is for writers, Friday is random and Sunday… too. Well, Sunday is a surprise, and next Sunday is… a surprise as the scheduled guest seems to have computer problems. I might have to postpone that piece, so I’ll be improvising! 🙂

Randomness says to go to a completely different topic – reading! I read Wickedly Charming over the last weekend and it was a blast! First, let me say it’s the first paperback of the year… and I won’t be picking another until I read 3 more on Kindle (that’s because I have more TBR titles on my Kindle than on my desk). The fact that I read an almost-400-pages paperback in 4 days means I couldn’t put it down (and of course, the fact that 2 of those 4 days were a weekend helped – more reading time, LOL). I chuckled all the way through it. It has everything I like – revised fairy tales, writers, screenwriters, books, publishing industry and romance. And archetypes, not only from fairy tales, but also from the real world IMHO.  AND I bought it in Shelley’s bookshop North By Northwest, and it’s signed by the author. Every book lover would appreciate that! 😉 Yes, I loved it, I loved its humor and everything about it. I want to have more reading time to read more like this! 🙂

About movies – I rewatched a few titles for research purposes (because Ciaran is Irish and Harith is a stripper) starting with The Full Monty. God, I missed that British drawl! 😉 I also noticed a couple of things that escaped me when I bought the DVD. First there’s a line that says “There’s nothing as queer as folk” – the movie is from 1997, so I wonder if Russel T.Davies (who wrote the original British series “Queer as folk” that came out in 1999) got it from there. And the other is about dubbing and adaptation again: you see, in the Italian version when Guy shows what he has (can’t dance, can’t sing but has…), the dubbing said “The third leg!” – of which there was no trace in the original. But mention of the third leg for men has become topical in Italy after that movie. I wonder if something similar happened in England, although probably with other lines…

Then I rewatched Breakfast on Pluto and Desi Boyz (the second being already sort of reviewed on this blog, I’ll just ignore it for now). As for the first… well, I must say the Irish sound much like the British, so I’ll have to adjust the accent (mostly changing a few words here and there) in my dialogs. The movie is… interesting and I don’t want to read the book it’s based on. I know it won’t be as compelling – it won’t have all those lovely songs. Now I better go check on Amazon if there’s a soundtrack CD available, haha. Look at all those oldies songs! 🙂 But mostly I want to hear the two sang by the cast (# 11 & 13 in case you’re wondering)! 😉

And finally I watched Magic Mike, and once more I wonder why I bother buying DVDs in this country. Sigh. Anyway, it made me think of the couple of male striptease I saw over here (that was the 20th century, folks) – we have the Centocelle Nightmare (opposed to the then famous California Dreammen) and they move more or less like Channing Tatum. But I’ve become picky, and I actually prefer the Desi Boyz dances (not that Akky and John Abraham are my favorites dancers, but they look better, LOL). The story is okay, the music so and so. I guess I’m watching too many Bollywood movies to appreciate Western dances – although the breakdance always makes me think about… the 20th century! So 80s! Except now I think it’s called Hip-hop.

Whatever… Have a nice weekend! I hoped to go to a live show of Bollywood dance on Sunday, but I doubth my health will allow me… It will pass, I know… Que sera sera, what will be will be! 🙂

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  1. Viv

     /  01/03/2013

    Nowt(nothing) so queer as folk is a very old Yorkshire saying, used to explain or justify or merely comment on the weird behaviour of people. Goes back hundreds of years. 😀


  2. Since you talked of movies… going tonight to watch ‘Upside Down’ 🙂


  3. I prefer to follow without following. If a blog inspires me to visit again without my following it, I must like it a lot 🙂 Thanks for sharing the plagiarism post. It was an interesting study in human FB behavior. Funny that none of the artists thought of sharing it. I think this is why artists are an easy pick for unscrupulous people…because they never fight back.

    I really need to find time and read a couple of books. It’s been a while. Sigh.


    • Well, glad the thing was solved quickly – I don’t know what’s with artists (unless they’re Colleen Doran, the paladin of artists’ rights, that is), I guess they’re just too self-absorbed… which I tend to do too, but I understand what you went through! 🙂
      Want to beta-read for a novella of mine? It’s only 50pages or 20000words… 😉



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