Sunday Surprise

… and it’s a guest! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mighty Editor Tricia Kristufek! 🙂

I started writing when I was young, mostly bad poetry. By the time I made it to college, I enjoyed reading so much that I was rarely without a book or two. After completing my English (Creative Writing) degree (with a Biology minor, since I was originally going for Chemistry and still liked the sciences), I knew I didn’t want to do what most people expected me to do: teach. After spending some time in retail, I fell into editing.

It started off small. The first to take a chance was C.S. Splitter. Then, Georgina Taylor. I was lucky to find Barb and she let me work on some of her novellas/novels. Most recently, I’ve worked with Bill Talcott, Hannah Kollef, and H. Brian Rawson. And then it spread outwards from there. I was also fortunate enough to start proofreading for Dreamspinner Press, where I’m now a Senior Editor.

There are a lot of very talented people out there that I get to help polish their work and get it into the hands of the masses. I get to see that first draft, to help shape it. For someone that loves to read as much as I do, this is my own paradise.

In addition to my editing/reading, I also have a wonderful daughter that shares my love of books (she asked to read The Hobbit at two!), a loving husband who puts up with my hours spend staring at a screen, and a puppy that reminds me to go outside every once in a while.

If you’re interested in my work, you can check out my website ( where I list the books I’ve worked on. If you’re looking for an editor, feel free to contact me!

I will add here the works she edited for me, as a form of recommendation. I also read C.S.Splitter’s first two books, so I can tell you she’s good! 🙂 In order of publication:

Allan de Sayek by Barbara G.Tarn on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

Johnny & Marian by B.G. Hope (the Bestseller, remember?) on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Enlightened Emperor by Barbara G.Tarn on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo + printed version on Lulu

Best of Friends by B.G. Hope (expanded version) on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

Six Months by B.G. Hope on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

Star Minds #2 – Mind Link by Barbara G.Tarn on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

Variations on a Theme by B.G. Hope on Smashwords, Amazon & Kobo

next (will be out in March): The Death of Queen Amazonia by Barbara G.Tarn.

Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂

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