Random Friday

I finally finished Treasure Island and decided I better stop reading children’s classics as a “rediscovery” of the unabridged, untranslated version. It was OK. I couldn’t care less. Took me 3 weeks because I couldn’t bother keep reading. And it wasn’t because of the “oldish English”, but really a question of pacing, I think. Back to reading more modern stuff, hopefully I’ll be faster, LOL! 🙂

Movies week (sort of – it was actually 3 nights out of 7)! 😉 Jab We Met (suggested by Nafees) is indeed funny and I loved the songs as well. Thanks for the recommendation, I’m recommending it too if you want a rom-com Bollywood style! 🙂 And because the Don DVD is faulty, I gave up after 5 minutes and ended up watching another Shahid Kapoor – which wasn’t bad at all, LOL!

So Sunday was Jab We Met and Monday was Shikhar and because now it’s Friday, and the hero had always the same face, now I can’t tell which is which anymore, LOL! Just kidding, Shikhar isn’t a rom-com, but something else. So bad guy GG (Ajay Devgn) corrupts naive Jai (Shahid Kapoor) with the help of model girlfriend Natasha (Bipasha Basu) to get Jai’s father’s land where there’s an Ashram. Please note I made this summary on the spot, not based on IMDB – just my fleeting memory. Good drama and good songs again.

A very special thanks to Vijay for lending me the DVDs – I better buy them next time I go to England! 😉 Not planning any intercontinental trips this year anymore, as I seem to have health problems. So until I figure that out, I won’t go too far. I’ll save the money for my 2015 world tour – well, half-world tour as I plan on touching Australia and some Asia (India & Japan on the way in and out), hoping I can get a couple of months off and have recovered, of course. But it’s always good to plan.

Last movie is from Hollywood. I got me The 24th day because I found pics of James Marsden tied up (also on the poster, you may notice, LOL). And I like James Marsden since X-men. I was very happy to see him in a movie where he doesn’t cover his blue eyes because he’s playing Cyclops! 😉 And he’s also gay, apparently – I mean in the movie, of course. It’s a good drama, but I’d have loved some English subtitles – can’t speak Spanish, and they tended to whisper a lot, which made it hard to understand what they were saying. It could be done in theaters, as it’s basically two guys in a room (with flashbacks added for cinematic reasons, but really, if they wanted to do in on a stage, it’s a single location). Good story, though, and no spoilers. I liked it very much – especially the ending! 🙂

Hope you had a good Valentine Day. Personally, I never celebrated it, and I don’t care. Hope the love will go on all year, not just one day! 😉 It’s like Women’s Day or Children’s Year… come on! Let’s be good to each other… sorry “be excellent to each other” so I can end with a movie quote. Dunno where that’s from? Tut-tut… (and it’s not even one of my faves… 😉 but I guess I had to mention him after drooling over much younger men! 🙂 Don’t worry, Muse, you still rule! :D)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. JAB WE MET was very well done. SHIKHAR was a fail in my opinion. It dragged and tried too hard to… well be anything concrete. No comment on Mardsen being tied up. 😐


    • I think it’s not only Mardsen being tied up, it’s also a great duel of words between truth and lies and you have no idea of who is telling the truth until the end. Like I said, it would be perfect on stage as well, because it’s just two guys talking, arguing and accusing each other. 😉


  2. Bill and Ted 🙂 Ine of the few movie/series that manage to actually GET time travel… oddly enough…


    • sort of… I believe your idea of history is a little twisted on that side of the pond! 😉



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