Writer Wednesday

Hello, there. Hope you’re having a great week. Me – so and so. Translating and percolating the body switch – I know the names, I know who they are, but I’m not sure how things are going to play out yet. Not even sure they switch back or not (after all it’s two male bodies, so as long as their spouses get used to the new looks… ;)). I hope to start on it at the end of the week, after I finish a short story for the off-line writers group.

This week links – Kris Rusch “What writers need to know“. Lots to learn, whether you want to be traditionally published or go indie. I’m still struggling with the business part, mostly because her very good advice cannot always be applied in Italy. Still thinking I should write that non-fiction book about how I did what I did, and I even found a place where I could publish it as WiP – Leanpub. Readers comments would really help to make it better! 😉

Except at the moment I’d rather write fiction. Especially after the translation (well, it is fiction, but it’s somebody else’s story, LOL), I really need to go back to making up stuff. I don’t believe in the “write what you know” rule much, can you tell? That’s why I’m mostly a genre writer… but sometimes I like to make up stuff even in the real world – and then you have B.G. Hope’s stuff! 🙂

David Gaughran about getting your own mailing list – I haven’t set that up yet, because I believe it should come with Unicorn Productions webpage, where you could subscribe to a newsletter telling you of all the releases. Except Unicorn Productions webpage is still not ready, because I still haven’t figured out how I should start a business in the country-of-complications. I should look for a foreign partner and open the business somewhere else, LOL!

Dean Wesley Smith  about some odd stuff – it’s a big bad world with plenty of strange things going around! 😉 Also, he has announced a new lecture series, so sign up if you’re interested. I’m not sure I can take any more learning at this time, and I hate watching stuff on YouTube or anywhere online…

David Farland on how to become prolific. Glad he still remembers how he got there. I don’t! 😉 And I’m younger. But then, I’m not a teacher, of anything. I don’t think I can teach anyone – and I’ve been asked for lessons, either languages or art. I’m unable to communicate how I do the stuff I do, sorry. I have other talents, but teaching is not my thing.

You can tell I’m tired by the shortness of this post… I can’t even find tags to apply! 😦 I’m sure the spammers will find me anyway, though. Back to work now… have a great week! 🙂

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