Sunday Surprise

… another unscheduled post! I thought I’d post a drawing but… I didn’t do any! 😉 Lots of things going on this weekend in Rome – Carnevale, Chinese new year celebrations – and I had a friend visiting from northern Italy, so I went to the center to meet her. Carnevale in Rome is not as famous as it is in Venice or Viareggio  (and since I finished school I’m usually not even aware it’s Carnevale anyway…), but apparently they’ve been organizing stuff for kids for some five years.

Hadn’t been in the center of the town in ages (I’ve become lazy, LOL), so besides watching some of those Carnevale celebrations and kids in fancy dresses all over (starting from the bus to get there) I managed to go the the French BD bookshop. I left over  100euro there as I hadn’t been there in a couple of years or more, and there were plenty of those beautiful-but-expensive albums I couldn’t miss. That’s something I’ll never read on any screen – comics, BD, graphic novels or any other drawn story.

So today instead of drawing I’ll be reading those BDs – my favorite series ever, Thorgal, which I have already mentioned here, and that now has spin off with other artists besides my alltime favorite Rosinski, but they look as good as him, so… I’m hooked (please note I haven’t started reading any of them yet, LOL). I’ve got five books and one art-book with the making of the spin offs.

I also bought some sketchbooks, so I know I won’t touch a pencil for a few days. When I see what these people can do, I just hide in a cave until my good envy is buried again and I can pick up my pencils or technical pens again, LOL. My talent is not in drawing, unfortunately, but I like it, so I keep it as a side job. That’s why I signed up on DeviantART as Hobbyist in the first place! 🙂 And even if I’ll never be a professional illustrator, and I probably won’t start another graphic novel when I finish SKYBAND (when will I finish it, though? Haven’t started on #13 yet…), I’ll keep doodling anyway, if only to brainstorm the next story with myself! 😉

Yesterday I watched Hollywood, je t’aime (starting to get those things I ordered on Amazon&Lulu at the beginning of January – did I mention “third world country for snail mail” yet? ;)) which had an interesting mix of French and English (and I noticed with the bookshop keeper, who is French, that I’m forgetting my French – I understand it, but the words don’t come naturally to me anymore. But then, I’m having trouble with Italian as well, lately, LOL!) and I couldn’t disagree more about the premise: who in their right mind would prefer Los Angeles to Paris? 😉 But then, it’s just a matter of taste, I guess. I’d go to Paris anytime, and think L.A. is the ugliest town in the US, but then… I’m not a dumped gay man either, LOL! Also, I’d have appreciated subtitles for the English parts as well – didn’t need them for the French, but when the Frenchie spoke English it was really hard to understand what he was saying… Languages languages! 😉

Then I’ll try to finish the translation, help Mom to do something with Windows Movie Maker (and experiment, if she likes it, she might use it for a panel she’s doing) and the Sunday will be quickly over. Have a wonderful Sunday wherever you are in this Babel of a world!

P.S. Thanks to WordPress for adding this quote when I hit “publish”:

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. Elmore Leonard

I couldn’t agree more – in fact I have a very dry prose for that reason! 🙂

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  1. When? Oh when is the question! 😉



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