Happiness is…

Published 04/02/2013 by Barb


Oh, boy, how many of those are still blogging? How many more names should I add? It’s been 3 years, looks like a lifetime…

6 comments on “Happiness is…

    • I think of all those names I still follow only Prue and Madison… haven’t heard from the others in ages, especially Lua since she deleted her blog!😦
      p.s. and you’re still as Viv66… how’s that for obsolete?😉


  • I’m coming up for my 4 year anniversary and it makes me sad how many no longer blog who did back then. I do wonder what Lua made of her masters’ and what became of her.


    • mine is in 239 days… I guess we started the same year (2009)!😉 I wonder where our Turkish friend is too… maybe one day she’ll show up on our blogs again!🙂


  • Haha! This is fun🙂 I have you added to my rss feed reader now so it’s easy to see when you post. I need to add Viv’s now too. I check every once in a while to see if Lua’s back, but nothing’s there. I don’t remember who else was around in my early years. I think I started around the same time you did.


    • some of them are still on Serial Central… and probably still blogging (Aspiring novelist AKA Miss Rosemary, Ollin, Stephen) but I haven’t checked their blogs in years!😉 But no Lua, no…😦


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