Sunday Surprise

And it’s… Art Sunday! From last week-end procrastination technique, spurred by this article (and because it was the next in line), I give you My Muse! 😉

2013first_resizeOf course it’s also on DeviantART – new Favorite Deviation… Now, if I had the time to fly to Toronto to see at least one of these in theaters… sigh! Considering that the first I’ve seen in theaters is The Matrix… anything before 1999 would look great on the big screen, LOL! (especially River’s Edge – love the shoulder-length hair, hehe).

While we’re on the art subject – no, I didn’t start SKYBAND 13, but I did toy with a couple of drawings.

tramontoShaara_resizeI did this drawing back in 1986 as illustration for a science fantasy novel (still to be rewritten, probably in the future of Star Minds) – it’s black paper with white and yellow pencils pasted on Schoeller’s thick paper (can’t find it here, but they used to sell it in big cardboards and I had them cut to 25x35cm – that was the 1980s, when computers were just at the beginning. You wouldn’t believe how many things vanished from art stores since) where I painted the background with watercolors.

I had already “recycled” it for the chapter’s illustration, slightly changing the hair to adjust to the new characters.

cap15_resizeThen I decided to invert the black silhouette and turned it into this… the cover of chapter 15 or the epilogue. This is photoshopped couple on watercolored background, so to speak! 😉

cap15cov_resizeI guess it looks different from the other covers, but well… it’s the last chapter, so why not? Looks like a happy ending, right? Is it a happy ending, though? No spoilers, sorry… 😉

Yeah, I know, procrastination technique… Having finished typing Star Minds 3, I need to check the Death of Queen Amazonia and then no more excuses, its SKYBAND 13, promise! 🙂 Although I’ll soon need to start writing something new, so I might postpone until I finish draft  0 – the handwritten stuff. My hand can’t handle too much holding of pen or pencil! 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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