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Okay, writer’s news first. End of Draft 0 of Star Minds 3 – 10 days. Now to the keyboard, and already I’m making changes, LOL. Happens when you have those a-ha moments mid-draft but you don’t stop to rewrite what you’ve already written. Quite happy with the result, but I’m always happy with the new baby – until a beta-reader says something or a few days pass and I go “Yikes, how could I write that?!”. Anyway, “The End” is written on this series. Now I need to write the prequels, as at least one will be added to the Omnibus/printed edition this summer.

Now, because I sold another copy of SKYBAND 12 (Killius’s nakedness sells, can you believe it?), I guess I should go back to drawing chapter 13. As I need to alternate sitting at the laptop, typing, and some other position, it’s just perfect! 😉 I’ll prepare the sheets and start the pencils ASAP. Having less writing planned this year, hopefully I’ll manage to finish the darn graphic novel. Then we’ll see…

Writers links – this week Kris Rusch’s round-up of links, including Patricia Cornwell suing her accounting firm and business manager because she couldn’t bother her pretty head with business matters. Poor Pat. Not feeling sad for her. I also hate finances – and DayJob is at a bank… – but this doesn’t mean I’ll let a stranger handle my own… I hate the business part of indie publishing (love everything else because I’m a control freak, haha), but I still handle it myself.

And I don’t believe in the “ability to write is dependent upon the ability to avoid distractions. A quiet, uninterrupted environment, free of the distractions of managing her business and her assets, including her investments, is essential to her ability to write and to meet her deadlines.” My friend (who just turned 30 – another generation, sigh!) suggested I write a “how to” book on motivation for writing, but I can’t help you there, because I never needed a motivation. Okay, maybe I grew up with less distractions (read: no internet) so I disciplined myself to write, but I always wrote full stories.

Then in the 1990s I started meeting writers who never finished their stories because they wanted them to be perfect. They can’t be perfect if you don’t tell them all – you can’t see what needs changed and what’s fine if you don’t write it all down. And then on Goodreads someone started a thread on the death of the novel as we know it and someone else complained that you can’t be prolific because you’d write crap – to this I say “Wrong! The more you write, the faster you become!” I’m this prolific precisely because I never stopped writing new stories. And I always poured them out as fast as I could. And yes, the first 10 to 20 years of writing were pure crap, but they allowed me to grow as a writer and be able to be what I am today! 😉

So prolific doesn’t mean you write crap. And yes, I write shorter-than-traditional-publishers-guidelines novels (Star Minds might reach 100.000 words when I combine the 3 books), that’s why I’m glad to be indie. But then, I’m prolific to the point that my aforementioned friend (who is also the one who calls me control-freak) says I’m not human. I am – I just don’t have a human life, because I’d rather stay in and write than waste time meeting people. Nobody is as interesting as my characters, LOL! Besides, I’m a megalomaniac, and I like being a creative goddess with rights of life or death on her creatures… 😉

Dean Wesley Smith on counting numbers – you’ve read my post about my numbers. I’m not whining, even if sometimes I despair I’ll quit DayJob, but then, I already adjusted my expectations. Originally I thought it would be a 5 years plan, but both Dean and Kris are right, it’s more like 10 years. I’ll be very happy if by 2015 I’ll cover all the expenses (at this time I’m way in the red, if I didn’t have DayJob to pay the bills, I’d probably have to quit).

That’s why when I’ve been contacted by a translator I had to turn him down. I cannot afford him at the moment as I’m giving all my money to beloved editors *waves at them – you know who you are!*, but if you’d like to try to break into the German and Spanish markets, please e-mail me and I’ll put you in contact with him. I’m keeping his address for when I’ll be able to afford a translator – while I wonder how much market there is for fantasy books in Germany and Spain, LOL! He seems to be a nice guy with competitive rates, so if you want his name, just drop me a line! 🙂

Two more links and that’s all for the week – John Scalzi on the state of a genre title in 2013 and what authors want (re: traditionally published writer turning self-published). Now back to writing and wishing you all a wonderful week! 🙂

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