Random Friday

Okay, I’ll start by saying I’ve decided not to go to Paris for the book fair, because I don’t know anyone in Paris and I’m tired of traveling solo. Next year, maybe. I have other book events to attend anyway (like one in England at the end of October, I know I have someone to travel with and someone else to visit on the way there) and other trips to think about – like touring Italy and going to the medieval dinner again with Jen from Long Island, LOL! I’ll have to decide my vacation plans soon for the whole year anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to think about it! 😉

Today I’m off DayJob because I needed rest from the crazy place I work in and there’s threat of snow again. In case you forgot, we can’t handle snow in Rome and my bus gets canceled every time some snowflake hits the ground. So I wouldn’t know how to go to work anyway – and no, I’m not driving in the snow either. So, if the streets are clear, I might meet with my cover artist and we might work together, otherwise I’ll just stay in and format/upload/publish the latest things (announced next week – maybe. It’s B.G. Hope, although Samantha the Witch is not involved, so they might remain unsold for months, LOL).

I also want to add B.G. Hope on XinXii, where I discovered you can now generate coupons like on Smashwords. Neat! Not that I’ve sold anything on XinXii yet, but then, maybe they’re only waiting for B.G.! 😉 Oh, and Lulu paid me royalties even if I still haven’t reached the 5euro minimum to get paid – wonders never cease… they were probably sick to see them there since 2009 (although the amount doubled in 2012, so…)! 🙂

Random switch of subject – the language school called and they found another person who wanted to learn Hindi, therefore on Tuesday I’ll start my Hindi lessons, yay! Next week I’ll let you know how it went and who this other person is. My friend didn’t reply to my message, even if I told her “don’t worry if you can’t pay the Hindi course, we still have to do that Bollywood night we talked so much about last April” … oh, well, I do enjoy lonely Bollywood nights anyway (especially if I want to drool, I’d rather do it on my own, LOL)! 😉

I’m still reading the book I started last week, but between writing, editing and the photomontage fever, I’m going slower than usual. It’s historical fantasy set in Italy in the 14th century, and I’m not completely familiar with the historical characters involved (high school trauma, haha), but I’m definitely skipping all the poetry and prayers and everything in verse (especially the English translations of Italian stuff such as… The Divine Comedy – got enough of that at school, and besides I know the beginning in Italian by heart, LOL!).

I’ve even wasted a few minutes on Wikipedia to check a few facts – but yes, I’m aware it’s historical fantasy so it’s just for my reference. And the historical character in question, Boccaccio, is even from Certaldo, the town of the medieval dinner. Still, slowing down the reading.  Sigh. And I need to finish it soon because I need to read something else before I beta-read on a beloved series I can’t mention at this time, LOL! 🙂 So hoping I get snowed in – will give me more reading time – I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 😉

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Just sent you my post for tomorrow 🙂 I hope the italics come through.
    So, you took a day off? Good girl. I checked out BG Hope’s page too. It’s nice, but sparse.
    I like the touring idea…get pictures when you go…


    • B.G. deserves only a static web page, not a blog! 😉 She already has Samantha the Witch working magic on her books, she doesn’t need to blog to find readers! 😀
      Besides, she’s Da Experiment or how to sell books with no marketing and no blog and no Facebook. So that’s what she gets.
      Now, in February I have to write another Samantha the Witch body switch… wish me luck! Maybe I can convince Samantha (who is from Silvery Earth, albeit the old version) to send some magic to the new Silvery Earth so that it starts selling too! 😉


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