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Oh, shoot, it’s Tuesday night and I haven’t written one word of this post yet. Year of the Sloth #2. What happened to my Virgo’s productivity? Sigh. I didn’t have time to read blogs, so I’ve nothing to report on that side. I’m sick of doing photomontages for my colleagues and wasting time on non-writerly things (like picking up toner and cartridges for my printers – okay, when I watch Bollysongs it’s not a waste of time, mostly because it’s less than one hour a day, LOL). So today (Tuesday) I’m on strike from the photomontage fever and I’m concentrating on writing.

As it’s Writer Wednesday, here’s the update. Finishing Draft 0 of Star Minds 3, and as it’s handwritten, I have no idea of how long it is. But as I write the bones first, I’ll have to add some flesh on it when I type it. And again I have some minor changes I’ll have to remember when I do draft 1 – like Ypsilanti is matriarcal, so in the married couple the woman’s family name comes first. And they keep both names, then the children decide what they want to use (I think like in Portugal, but I’m not sure). I’m not stopping to revise this while on draft 0, but made a note in the margin of the notebook. I won’t forget if I write it down, LOL!

Anyway, I think I’m around 30K again, like Mind Link. And as I’ve been playing matchmaker on this one, I guess there won’t be a book 4, so it’s a trilogy. I’m working on the final chapter/epilogue. The Next Generation will not be included in the complete series, but the prequel about Kol-ian on Earth yes. Although I still have to write that one, hehe! Anyway, it’s not over with the main trilogy and its prequel, as there are other shorts (the “Snippets” about secondary characters or more prequels, such as Ker-ris’s marriage) and probably more to come.

Also, as I’m preparing to rewrite some science fantasy of the 20th century, I’m kind of changing planet names so those stories can me sequels of Star Minds – or when Gaia/Earth joins the Federation of Humanoid Planets and the Star Nations. The first story in that series was written in 1986 and I called it a Trilogy, but it’s probably a novel in 3 parts, LOL!

I’m also editing B.G.Hope’s next titles (short story collections) with special thanks to beta-reader Camila and mighty editor Tricia. The latter might show up on this blog sometime this year, so stay tuned… she’s a wonderful gal and I’m sure she’ll have a lot to tell – especially about foreign authors sending her their manuscripts! πŸ˜‰ And she won’t be the only guest – again, if you’d like to ramble on here, just contact me and we’ll set it up! πŸ˜€

I’m also trying to book my trip to Paris for the Book Fair, but my health is going up and down again. Gaah! Looking forward to the next stage of my life (menopause, in case you were wondering)!

Oh, and if you’re in need of an EIN or ITIN or whatnot because you’re not American but you’re selling on Amazon and Smashwords, go to this post from a UK author. I had my ITIN last week (yay),Β  so I sent out my W8BEN yesterday to Smashwords, Amazon and Lulu. I didn’t think about enclosing a letter for Amazon (like Ross suggests), so if in a month or two I don’t hear from them, I might send it again with the letter. I did put a letter in the Smashwords envelope because I think they still have problems for us non-US authors and Mark Coker needs to know, mwahahahaha!

Okay, the wicked witch is back in the drawer now, so don’t worry. I won’t put a spell on you – haven’t figured out how to do it through the internet, lucky you. Otherwise you’d be rushing to buy all my books on an impulse, LOL!

Back to writing… and reading… trying not to watch Bollysongs…

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  1. well crud. i was hoping once you got it figured out you could teach me and people would then rush out and buy all of my books :p You need to get on that πŸ˜‰ (LOL!)


    • mmm, let’s see, where’s the cauldron and the crystal ball? Gah! I should let Samantha the Witch handle this! She’s very good at selling HER book of body switch! πŸ˜‰
      ADDITION – I can’t believe she managed to sell 5 copies on Kindle in January when everything else is stalling… And it’s not B.G.Hope’s doing, it’s Samantha the Witch because it’s only the book she’s in that is selling! I know! I created a monster! Gaaah!


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