Surprise Sunday

And the surprise is…


You saw this coming? Gee, you must be psychic!

As I couldn’t figure out prizes that are not e-books, I won’t do a giveaway. Maybe I should have worked on my Zazzle shop – or started the DeviantART shop! By the way, I got a premium membership for participating in the Holiday Card Project, so I changed my Deviant name to… creativebarbwire! Big surprise, huh? Now I shall explore what on earth I can do with my premium membership for the next 4 weeks. Yay!

I actually wanted this to be totally improvised, but here I am, writing the beginning of this post on Friday night. Sigh. Some things never change. I’m definitely a Virgo. Anyway, I won’t schedule it and finish it Sunday morning – and then hit that “publish” button instead of “schedule”. Aaah, those changes will sooo upset good old me! 😉

Draft saved. The rest is improvised! 😉

SO! Sunday morning, I log on and find 11 spam comments. Gee, the little robots have been busy while I slept! 😦 Anyway, this 1000th post won’t be the best evah – actually, it might be one of the worse,  but I don’t care – and I’ll use it to tell you I’ve worked on one of those new year’s resolutions. Sort of. The resolution said “go out” which I interpreted as “seeing people, doing things”. But because my eyes betray me and I hate driving at night, I decided to invite friends at home instead! 😉

So I invited The Mighty Mapmaker, The Lovely Cover Artist and their spouses, the Mapmaker’s sister and another couple of friends who used to dwell in the Italian comicons world with me back in the 20th century. Not that we talked about comics this time, but wel… I asked them what they thought of Kol-ian by Phoenixlu, and got mixed comments as usua. Mapmaker is a wonderful artist but of the annoying kind, LOL!

I tried to put the pics of the night on Facebook and hope I managed to make the album visible only to the people present… but I really really really hate the new Facebook, and I’m going to delete that album at the end of the week. Why can’t one have peace on those darn social networks? Why do they keep “improving” what doesn’t need to be improved? Sigh.

Now my eye hurt again – it’s been hurting for the past 3 days – so I’ll get off the computer. No more photomontages this weekend, which means I’m going back to writing! Wich is wonderful as I’m steadily threading through Star Minds 3 and improvising while I go. Some day I’ll have to type the original outline and put it next to the finished novel, to show the evolution, LOL! But that’s the magic of writing, discovering that the characters know what they want or what is needed for the story even if when I start thinking loose scenes that are not really connected I have no idea of how it will actually deploy…

Extra happiness for the end of this post! Have a great Sunday! 🙂

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  1. katyasozaeva

     /  13/01/2013

    Congratulations on 1000 posts! Well played, ma’am! I’ve had a lot of trouble with the spambots in the late week this past week, too. Crazy kids… *shakes head* One even used a NAME of all the crazy things! I swear, the comments are ridiculous, too. On one post, that had ZERO comments, I had a comment like, “forgive me but does it seem like these comments are by brain dead people :p”. *shakes head* Fortunately most of them are caught and not actually posted to the site for anyone to see.

    Looking forward to another great year of working with you!!


    • Yeah, I sometimes take screenshots for my records – some spammers are really… brain dead! 😉 And glad Akishmet didn’t put Nafees in the spam folder again, LOL!
      Looking forward to the working year too! 😀


  2. congrats 🙂


    • Thank you! Two years of daily posts and one and some more of every other day posts… I feel a little tired! 😉


  3. congrats on the 1000th post!!


    • I had a Mc Cafe cake for the occasion (yep, Mc Donald Italia has excellent cakes – I actually bought it for my friends, but they ate only half… so Sunday was Cake Day!)! 🙂


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