Random Friday

This week’s procrastination technique comes from DayJob. I guess we’re all a little under stress, so to decompress we’ve started the new year with a new game… It all started sometimes in December when a couple of male colleagues found a David Craig poster in the one of the gals’ cabinet – they put one of their faces on Daniel Craig’s. Since then it’s photomontage fever. They go around taking pics of everybody with their smartphone and then guess who has been asked to do the work?

Exactly. And because I’m the one doing the work, I’ve done my own photomontage as I wanted. They say they want me to make another, but they haven’t come up with an idea yet. So here you have it BarbAishwarya! 🙂

BarbsariI can’t show the others for their privacy, but we got Asterix&Obelix, Elvis Presley, Harry Potter (with grey hair…), Wonder Woman and I’m working on more. Non-paid work, LOL. They want to make a calendar for the whole office with the pics – we’ll see. I hope I finish soon, so I can get back to writing! 😀

Now, yesterday was Hrithik’s b-day, so I did the first Caran d’Ache (read “colored pencils” – I just like to be artsy from time to time! ;)) of the year:Hrithik13bday_resizeThis is the “revised” version, with background done in Photoshop and the writing added with Photoshop as well. Hope I copied correctly Shafali’s suggestions (for somebody else’s b-day), if I haven’t, apologies, I still haven’t started those Hindi lessons. Still on the to-do list. Meh. Okay, it’s only the beginning of January, so there’s not hurry, right? RIGHT? (procrastination technique again, LOL)

For the “normal” version, go to DeviantART. You might notice it’s the same pic I used to do Ker-ris (with a little nose-job, so Shafali can be happy! ;)) on the cover of Mind Link. That’s in case you hadn’t figured out who Ker-ris is in my head yet! 😉

Now, thanks to all these procrastination techniques, I didn’t manage to read anything, although I’ve started a book. Hopefully next week I’ll have a book review. This blog is not Amazon, so I feel free to review fellow authors in my same genre or in other genres – I try to read in most genres, as long as there’s a story (i.e. no literary fiction, horror and erotica, as… where’s the story in those genres? No, don’t kill me, it’s only a matter of taste! ;)).

I also ordered 2 DVDs on Amazon (Hollywood, in case you were wondering. Well, Queer, actually, as both are gay themed), but I don’t know when I will get them. The new year has started with everything delivered late – including the toner and cartridges I ordered for my printers (I now have two, a laser Samsung and an ink-jet Canon). Sigh.

So, I guess that’s all for now… back to work on writing Star Minds 3 and doing those photomontages…

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  1. Fabulous. He looks rather nice in your sketch. You’ve chosen an angle that doesn’t show his “nose.” Lucky guy, to have such caring fans. BTW, his hair looks exceptionally nice. Wait until I bring the focus back on his nose 🙂 BarbAishwarya looks nice too. I hope she motivates Aishwarya to lose some of her flab.


    • I think I shortened the nose a little when I did Ker-ris… 😉 Nose-job indeed! 😀
      Dunno about Ash… and next photomontage I’ll be the wicked witch, LOL!



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