Writer Wednesday

Now I’m going to throw a tantrum. This poll had even less votes than the previous one. And I have triple number of “followers”.  Bad followers. I don’t want you to like the post, I want you to vote in the poll. Sigh.

(okay, it’s a whine, not a tantrum. I’m too tired for a tantrum)

I guess that was my last poll for this blog. I’ll continue my rants without bothering to ask you anything – you won’t comment unless you have something to say anyway. So never mind, I’ll be left wondering why you come to my blog. And actually, I don’t care. Yes, I was curious,  but if you don’t want to tell me, that’s fine.

Dean Wesley Smith on crossover deals from self-publishing to traditional. I’m not there yet, and I’m not sure I want to get there – but if I do get there, I’ll be ready! 😉 What can I say, proud to be indie! 😀 And don’t mention the A-word to me, please. They’re going the way of the Dodo, we have no use for them in this wonderful new world of publishing. Stop trying to query them – why would you want to give up 15% of your earnings for the rest of your life for someone who isn’t qualified? If you really want to query, go to EDITORS and go for the Bix 6 or whatever they’re called. Don’t waste your time with the A-word people. I’ve become allergic to that word after reading too many of Dean’s posts about them (part 3, the unedited chapters), LOL!

The “proud to be indie” part goes well with Kris Rusch’s post on year end numbers. I do check KDP regularly because it’s the only way to keep track of my earnings on Amazon. As I’m not American, I get paid by check, and as I live in a country with third world snail mail service, I want to keep an eye on when I get paid by them so I can check my mail box more often and promply tell Mr Amazon when I don’t get the check.

Not reached the minimum yet, but I should soon, by the way. So last year I earned 100$ from Smashwords and this year I’ll probably see my fist 100$ from Amazon, where I started publishing in 2011. And half of that money will be B.G. Hope’s best-selling title (must have sold about 20 copies now, and has reached Amazon UK).

See, I’m not scared of my abismally low numbers. I’m quite happy with the results – 2011 had 0 earnings, 2012 had 100$, here’s to 2013 doubling that sum! 😉 Yeah, it will probably take me more than 5 years to quit DayJob, but as long as I don’t have to rely on them to pay my retirement, I’m fine. I’m not panicking, and I’m not stopping publishing or taking everything down.

This month I’ll have B.G. Hope’s titles out again (she’s a best seller, she must go first… sigh!), while I’m preparing Barbara G.Tarn’s comeback. I’ve completed The Death of Queen Amazonia which is now out to betas and will start on Star Minds 3 ASAP. Just went through Mind Link again, to remember where I was, LOL! 🙂

cap12covTXTebookOh, and I sold a copy of SKYBAND 12 – guess the naked man on the cover worked wonders, or maybe someone is telling me I should get back to work and draw the last 3 chapters and get done with the darn thing, but you know how one likes to procrastinate… how I’ll spend the weekend drawing with pencils so I won’t have to start on SKYBAND 13 and stuff like that! 😉 We all have our procrastination techniques (reading a magazine because too lazy to start the next book – how am I supposed to reach my goal?), and I won’t bore you with mine.

Catching up on other blogs – Blood Red Pencil’s new year resolutions. I’ll go with write more, read more and the hardest for me – go out more. See people, do things. That’s the hardest part, really. I’m a writer, I’d rather stay in with my characters. And then my back kills me because I don’t walk enough. Sigh. I don’t have a food drawer because I eat to live, I don’t live to eat. And no, I’m not going to read my dialog out loud, sorry! 😉

And the Smashwords year in review – they have added the Smashwords Direct (which allows you to upload your own epub – personally, I like the Meatgrinder, LOL), but they still have problems for someone who needs a letter for the IRS to get an ITIN. Not my problem anymore – hopefully.

not the final cover

not the final cover

Which reminds me I should probably also write that non-fiction book about how to publish a book in English when you’re not a native and you don’t live in the US… And that I need a shorter title, LOL! I’ll see if I can fit it at the end of the year in the writing schedule… no use writing it now, as some things are not clear yet! 😉

Anyway, have a great week! Back to the writing table…

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  1. Barb, I voted, and I am not a follower of your blog – technically speaking. This also means that my visits to your blog aren’t based on impulse – they are a habit 🙂 Don’t worry about the voting and other stuff. I too have many followers of my blog, but I seldom hear from them. I guess everyone’s busy doing their own thing. Keep writing and publishing; in time, your perseverance will pay you back.


    • I won’t bother anymore, in fact. Just going back to writing… ehm, drawing today, because of the occasion. I’ll tell tomorrow! 😉


  2. Will wait to see the drawing…I’ve got to get back to drawing too…


    • indeed *ahem*… let’s see if this one spurs your imagination (I can imagine the comment…)! 😉


  3. I voted 😉

    I find that if I leave polls for a week I’ll catch a few stragglers, but I don’t get very many votes either – even “pimping” the poll on FB and twitter.


    • I know you voted, much like I vote in your polls when I seen them! 🙂 still feels kinda useless, though! 😉



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