Star Minds Sunday

In order of appearance the last members of Kol-ian’s team when he sets off to destroy his powerful family in Technological Angel. You can imagine that Cosmopolitan Star Minds issue with three articles featuring the following people.


MYA: My name is Mya Lylestar, from Gweltaz, and I was a Galaxy Police officer until I crossed path with the Falstelo. They were outlaws – mercenaries, smugglers, bounty hunters, hackers, assassins – and I tried to arrest them. I caught Gaurishankar and had an unpleasant meeting with the man who turned him into a were-panther. Then his friends freed Gaurishankar, and came after me and the mad scientist. I was surprised to find Kol-ian on the Falstelo and it didn’t take him long to convince me to be on his side. I’m amazed the rest of his crew couldn’t figure out who he really was until it was too late. Anyway, that’s my story.

C’ELL’ANDY: I’m Kol-ian’s bodyguard. I’ve been protecting him since birth. An accident took the lower part of my body when Kol-ian was six, so I had a prosthetic – a horse body. I’m a cyborg like Maela, and a technological centaur, which might have given Kol-ian the idea to get artificial wings. I lost track of him when he ran away from Marc’harid, but as soon as he was brought back, I was by his side again. My daughter N’ell’onera is the bodyguard of Shan-leo, Kol-ian’s nephew. She is still wholly human, thank C’est’aran.

TYRO: I’m Tyro Megnaghy, doctor, specialist, scientist – of the good kind. I’m from Serenaide and I’ve worked with and for the Sire since I graduated from the Galactic University. They tell me I’m a genius and the Vaurabi wanted me in their mind control program. So my first invention was a mind shield for myself – you don’t move to a planet of telepaths without some kind of mental shield if you want to keep some of your thoughts private. And I tried very hard to keep my soft spot for Kol-ian hidden, although he probably suspected my real feelings. Anyway, I’m the one who gave him his wings. I did my best to repair the damages, but at some point it became impossible for him to keep them. I also disabled Ker-ris mind-controlling device that had gone crazy and was killing him. I’m the doctor and expert they turn to – except when dealing with mind links. I’m not a telepath, and I can’t help them with that.

SM2_resizeStar Minds book 1 and 2 are out. Wait for book 3 around next March. Wishing you a wonderful 2013!

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