Star Minds Sunday

This week you’ll meet two previously secondary characters of Star Minds who slowly earned a spotlight. They entered the story at the end of Technological Angel, but will be more prominent from now on – almost co-protagonists with Kol-ian and his crew.

KER-RIS: I’m Kol-ian’s brother-in-law. I saw him change from brooding teenager to scarred but wonderful young man, and I admire him for his courage. He hurt me on behalf of his family but he also freed me from their mind control.

SHAN-LEO: Uncle Kol-ian is the best! I knew he was our only hope!

KER-RIS: You what? Pardon this ten-year-old chatterbox, my son doesn’t know how to behave properly.

SHAN-LEO: You were supposed to teach me, Father! If you weren’t in that dazed, mind-controlled state for most of my life, you’d have noticed!

KER-RIS: Yeah, well, I’m wide awake now, so stop that! And whose hope was Kol-ian anyway?

SHAN-LEO: I told Grandfather Uwe-yuri you were mind-controlled and he should look for Kol-ian to free you. Pity Gaurishankar killed him, but then Kol-ian freed you anyway.

KER-RIS: Uhm… I’ll let that pass. Stop being so wise, though, I need a son, not a snarky little brother!

SHAN-LEO: *giggle* Yes, Father!

KER-RIS: Ahem… so! I married Lin-sun eleven years ago and had a mind-controlling device injected in my veins on my wedding night. And I loved her. But the Vaurabi were real control freaks – except Kol-ian, of course. I’m glad Shan-leo is more like his uncle than his mother.

SHAN-LEO: Thank you, Father. Glad to have you with me at last!

KER-RIS: You’re welcome. Anyway, our story and our involvement with Kol-ian starts in Technological Angel and continues in Mind Link where you’ll be introduced to a special gift of my family that obviously passed on to my son or he wouldn’t be that smart. Yes, all the Sire are telepaths, but not all the Sire can create mind links. Something wonderful but deadly if used the wrong way – a lesson I shall learn the hard way. Next week you’ll meet the last batch of characters from this series that will take you to 2013 and beyond.

SHAN-LEO: We’re relentless with our author. She must write down our story.

KER-RIS: That’s right. I know on your planet it’s the Holiday Season, so I wish you the best for whatever your religion is.


Ker-ris & Kol-ian by Barb

You can find Ker-ris’s interview on Joleene Naylor’s blog.

Star Minds books 1&2 are now out.

Technological Angel on Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii.

Mind Link on Smashwords & Kindle. For more retailers, check back later.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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