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Bollywood movies for your Christmas escape – 2012 edition! Last year I had suggested Jodhaa Akbar. This year we have an exhibition about Akbar in Rome, and my mum gifted me with the catalog of the exhibition, saying some of those things look better in the catalog (might save me 10euro entrance fee, LOL) and that the catalog mentions also the Bollywood movies about Akbar (I’m seeing now they were also showing Bollywood movies, pity I missed them all because it was until Dec.9). So I jumped to the chapter about Bollywood first – out of curiosity, and found a list or Bollywood movies depicting the emperor, with more in-depths reviews of Mughal-E-Azam (anyone who has seen it, feel free to quip in) and Jodhaa Akbar (or I wouldn’t have mentioned it in this post, LOL!).

They say the movie is historically correct, as the director was helped by various Hindustani universities to rebuilt Akbar’s time and the only creative license is the fact that in the movie it looks like Akbar had only one wife – I took it as “Jodhaa was his first beloved wife but then he married more” (because I read the Wikipedia entry), but whatever! 😉 And I still recommend it, if you like historical movies and haven’t seen it – it’s an epic movie with no dance numbers if that’s what irks you Westerner watcher… But it has battles and conflict and it’s a great love story and it has tolerance between religions and… I don’t care if it’s three hours, you won’t even notice, I promise! 🙂

Now, to this year’s list. Period pieces The Dirty Picture and Om Shanti Om that are set in old (and new) Bollywood. Both have great songs and, yes, dance numbers, because that’s what Bollywood is about! 😉 I’ll throw Luck By Chance in the lot as well – although it’s supposed to be contemporary Bollywood. So if you want to know more about it all, check any of those three. The Dirty Picture has actually a heroine – with a tummy by the end of the movie, so it’s not your usual anorexic beauty (thank you, Vidya Balan! ;)). Unfortunately the English subtitles are sometimes missing… see why I need that basic Hindi? 😉

Sci-fi: both Ra.One and Love Story 2050 have things I like and things I hate. I love the songs for both. I don’t like the geeky protagonist in the first (glad he dies almost immediately – he is too stupid to live, LOL! And robotic G-one is better than him, haha) and I HATE the pink, talking teddy bear in the second. Stories are both fine.

Comedies: Dil To Pagal Hai (great music, and great dance numbers by Madhuri Dixit), Desi Boyz and even Rock On! Best drama goes to Agneepathcheck this review and my comments! 😉

Sequels I look forward to in 2013 (because I loved the previous one(s) for various reasons):

Dhoom 3 (can’t wait to see Jai Dixit and Ali back in action! And it was shot in Chicago!)

Krrish 2 or 3 (technically 2, but the first one wasn’t called Krrish, so they call it 3 and it’s a trilogy. First one forgettable, but I actually love Krrish, and sure hope Wonder Boy Krishna gets smarter in the sequel, that supposedly explores his darker side – he was too much of an innocent in the first movie, and I think it picked up when he became Krrish, LOL. Aaaand… he’s clean-shaven! No more stubble, yeah!)

Rock on!! 2

Dostana 2 (because the first one was so hilarious and I wonder what else they can do with that couple!)

And after watching Intouchables on DVD (which includes a short documentary on real-life Philippe), I decided to put on the list also Guzaarish after watching the trailer. No, I don’t want to count how many Bollywood DVDs are now on the list, LOL!

Enjoy your movies! I’ll close this with my favorite Agneepath song (not the most obvious, but maybe the best for the upcoming Holiday season?).

One last thing – back in 2007 I ordered a U Star Novel with me and my Muse… I’ve seen they expanded (and have US and AUS sites now) to include paranormal, and even classics, so if you want to gift someone with a classic revisited, that’s the site to go to! 🙂 Have fun trying the excerpts… and remember it’s romance/erotica – unless you choose a classic revisited, that is! 😉 I might try the m/m title some time… I loved the personalized story I bought back in 2007! Have fun and happy Holidays! 🙂

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  1. so you spent Bollywood week 😀 here are some recommendations; Ek Deewana Tha, Paan Singh Tomar and Eega. You gonna love them and must watch Picture Abhi Baqi Hai Merey Dost which I mentioned before too.


    • Actually, that’s my Bollywood YEAR. This year I doubled my collection of DVDs (started back in 2007) and have now 50. Like I said, I don’t want to count how many are on the list for next year and beyond! 😉 Thanks for the suggestions – will add to the list and not count the titles! 😉


  2. Phew! You are many times more knowledgeable about Bollywood movies than I am. I’ve watched only a few of these. Mughal-e-Azam, The Dirty Picture, and Ra.One. Loved Mughal-e-Azam, appreciated The Dirty Picture, and tolerated Ra.One.

    BTW, The Dirty Picture is about Silk Smitha, who was not a Bollywood actress but a Mollywood one (she was a South Indian Actress and she worked in the Chennai film industry. Unlike most Indian actresses, she wasn’t very diplomatic about bartering her body for roles – and she was also very upfront about who she was sleeping with (so she wrecked quite a few “happy” families.) The industry hated her guts and stopped giving her work – thus driving her to suicide.

    Shahrukh put in a lot of money into Ra.one and it’s the first Indian movie with half-decent tech-effects, but the movie didn’t go down well with the Indian public, despite the Item-number, because the story was deemed to be too childish.

    Whatever little I know of history makes me disbelieve the romance between the two. It was more of a political alliance. But then, I prefer fiction to fact 🙂


    • of course it was a political alliance, but it’s still a movie, so fiction is fine! 😉
      And thanks for clarifying the other things – although I knew them, but couldn’t say them better than you! 🙂


  3. Oh…and I agree with Nafees’ recommendation of Paansingh Tomar. Bite into a leather-belt before you watch this one, because it isn’t the regular Bolly-stuff!


    • I’m not a Bollywood-only movie-watcher. I watched A Wednesday because YOU suggested I watch some non-Bollywood stuff! 😉 Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂


  4. Awesome post. Following now 😉

    Thanks for the link back to Agneepath. I appreciate it.


    • Well, I enjoyed your review and you said it better than I ever could! 😉
      Not all movies here, but… welcome! 😀


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