Star Minds Sunday

Welcome to Star Minds Sunday. So last week you met the Earthlings, Daniele and Chantal. Yesterday Kol-ian was interviewed on Joleene Naylor’s blog. Today we have Maela and Gaurishankar, who ended up on Earth for different reasons.

GAURISHANKAR: I’m from Ypsilanti, a planet of Humanoids in a solar system of Epsilon Eridani. A crazy scientist has turned me into a were-panther, so I left my home planet with my sole companion, Roa the black panther – she’s the real deal, she doesn’t shift shape. I’m a bounty hunter. I was looking for a most wanted Sire aristocrat who was on Earth looking for, well, Kol-ian, and ended up working with Kol-ian. Daniele lived close to my prey (Uwe-yuri had attempted to kill the Emperor) and wasn’t scared by my transformation, so I took him with me. I’m not a loner by choice – I like human company –, it’s just too dangerous as the mutation makes me unstable. I must thank Kol-ian for his mind control, although it must be a strain on him. I hope he does it only when he sees I’m losing control. Anyway, I’m also the “expert” of Friport, the planet-sized starship of adventurers. I think Daniele calls it a technological Tortuga, whatever that means. He’s funny, but I don’t always understand what he says. Having been in the outlaw trade for longer than the others (for a year?), I’m in charge of finding jobs – and the makeover of our starship, the Falstelo. Uwe-yuri’s ship, Kol-ian stole it to get away from Earth where he was stuck…

MAELA: I’m a soldier from Sylvania, a planet in the solar system you call 55 Cancri. I actually crashed on Earth, in the outskirts of London to be exact. I wasn’t too hurt, as I have artificial limbs. Technically, I’m a cyborg, but I’m still 70% human. I met a nice Earthling, Mark, who really wanted to come with me, but Sylvania is an all-females planet for a very good reason – the Y chromosome doesn’t live long there. So instead of dumping him somewhere, my commander sent him back to Earth, erasing part of his memory. My short stay upset my balance, tough, so I decided to run away from Sylvania with my daughter Dadina, becoming an outlaw. On Friport I met the others and joined Kol-ian’s crew. You can find our adventures in Technological Angel. Come back next week to meet more characters from this science-fantasy series.


Daniele, Chantal, Kol-ian, Gaurishankar, Maela and Dadina

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  1. Gaurishankar is a close second to Kol-ian in the hottest department…. ❤


    • Joleene: Really? I was just about to tell Barb that I wished Gaurishankar looked like Kol-ian!


      • tee-hee! Gaurishankar is based on an old “love” to whom I stole the family name… the model is Gari Tarn singer of Drum Theatre! 😉 Now you know where I got the “Tarn” from – and what he looks like! 😉


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