Random Friday

First, if you’re a reader or a parent, you might want to support the Game of Books. Hurry, as there are only 3 days left to support this Kickstarter project. If you’re an indie author with one book, you can have your book in the game for 79$. I wouldn’t know which title to offer, so I’m passing on this one! 🙂

At the book fair I took the catalog of ASSIMIL – what’s that, you may ask? Language course! 🙂 With 100euros I can learn basic Hindi and get back my French at the same time (the base language for the Hindi course is French only). Considering the language school asked 40euro per hour, minimum 16 lessons of 2 hours… you do the math. New Year, I have a deal – 20minutes a day and I might not need those often missing subtitles anymore, LOL!

If, viceversa, you’d like to learn Italian… pronto, English base and quick Italian course. I assume the company is originally French as there are more languages and dialects for French speakers than any other languages – and also the catalog that I took is in Italian, but “Dutch” is obviously a bad translation from French (Néherlandais – in the catalog they translated it to “Neerlandese”, but we actually call it “Olandese”… not very good for a language teaching company, I know!). You can find also dialects (Italian or French) or languages such as Tahitian and Maori (again, most with only French base, so you need to speak French to buy those courses)… It’s going to be fun! 🙂

Also at the book fair I bought a book, Indian Kiss. It’s in Italian in spite of the title, and I was intrigued by the subtitle “Sentimental trip to Bollywood and Beyond”. I went to the presentation and liked the author so much I ended up buying it, even if it’s non-fiction. The premise (why is there no kissing in Bollywood) is only and excuse for this travel journal of a Bollywood lover who has been to India 7 or 8 times.

I had him sign the book after the panel, and suggested he watches the Best Bollywood Kiss Evah (I gave it a special MTV Movie Award, LOL) – Dhoom 2. SRK might not be good (dunno, haven’t seen his latest movie and he didn’t kiss in the others), but Hrithik definitely can kiss on the big screen. I’ll have to rewatch his other kissing performances, but I guess the first is unforgettable, LOL!

Anyway, full review of the book when I’m done (it’s a short book, but I don’t have much free time with two more titles to publish and doctors to see) along with the Bollywood suggestions for your Holidays.

I won’t have time to watch Black at the River To River film festival (busy Sunday…), but the author of the book went to the Florence events – pity I was stuck in Rome with Day Job. And tomorrow I had a sample lesson of Bollywood dance, but I’m not fit enough to go, so I had to decline the event. Hopefully next year I’ll get to meet Ambili Abraham and attend one of her lessons… sigh! 😦

I watched Paul on a decent screen and felt kinda sorry the Greys are dumb inferior races in Star Minds – okay, maybe Paul is an exception, LOL! Maybe he met Kol-ian when he reached Earth, that’s why he’s so much smarter than the others… No, don’t sue me, there’s no Paul in Star Minds, I swear! 🙂

Also, I watched the “unrated” version, sometime I’ll have to check the “theatrical” version (I assume on the plane I saw a theatrical version…) – I wonder what the differences are… Speaking of awkward kissing on screen, the award goes to… Simon Pegg and Kristen Wiig! Just kidding, it’s a comedy, okay? 😉

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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