Star Minds Sunday

Last Sunday you met Kol-ian. He will also be interviewed at Joleene Naylor’s blog if you want to know more about him (I’ll post the link when I have it! ;)). This week meet the two Earthlings traveling with him.

DANIELE: Aoh, just because we left in 1982 doesn’t mean we have forgotten you, you know? But you most definitely have messed up the planet in the past thirty years!

CHANTAL: Don’t mind him, he’s just a sci-fi geek who is very happy to have jumped on that starship way back when…

DANIELE: Chantal, you shut up! These French gals are unbelievable!

CHANTAL: At least I don’t make sounds that can’t be translated, which mean they’re still in Italian in the text…

DANIELE: Aoh, I’m from Roma and I’m proud of it! And don’t you dare translating the name of my hometown!

CHANTAL: But for the sake of all non-Italian speakers, let’s say that your name is a male name. I know it’s female in French and confuses the English speakers for the strange spelling…

DANIELE: Aoh, I’m not the faggot here. Anyway, I’m Italian, university student and sci-fi geek. Only son of a good family, but I always felt sort of… out of place, I guess. I wanted to visit the stars somehow. Or I wouldn’t have jumped at the opportunity of seeing a real starship.

CHANTAL: And it wasn’t even the Falstelo. And you jumped on board with a mutant and a panther! Talk about crazy…

DANIELE: Well, Gari didn’t hurt me… okay, he almost did once, but luckily on Friport we met Kol-ian and he took care of the matter. See, I meet this guy, turns out he’s an alien Humanoid and I discover a whole conspiracy theory and life in the galaxy! It’s like living in one of my favorite TV shows or movies, you know? My sense of adventure couldn’t resist!

CHANTAL: Quite irresponsible. At least I said good-bye to my family and friends before following Kol-ian. I don’t know why I fell in love with him – well, he’s gorgeous, but also very cold. Not in bed, – he’s a great lover – but he doesn’t express his emotions. And he’s a telepath! I’ve never met someone so guarded up! Okay, he has his secrets, but his brooding beauty and his wings are irresistible!

DANIELE: So you spend two years drooling over him.

CHANTAL: Is that sarcasm or jealousy?

DANIELE: Both. I mean, light years from Earth and the only other Earthling doesn’t acknowledge me because she has a crush on a technological angel!

CHANTAL: As if you had a steady girlfriend in Rome! Who in their right mind would fall for someone like you?

DANIELE: Uhm… you?

CHANTAL: You wish! Folks, just go check Technological Angel and come back next week to meet the mutant and the cyborg…

3comStar Minds book 1 – Technological Angel out now on Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii!

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  1. chronotraveler

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  2. let’s just say I;d be happy to be trapped on that ship… πŸ˜‰


    • The Falstelo rocks! πŸ˜‰ Especially since it’s not called Shermac Pride anymore! πŸ˜‰


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