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Okay, random Friday! Watched the last Bollywood DVD from my August batch – again can’t find it online and blame the lady in Long Island, but it was a collection of 110 tracks from Bollywood movies of 2011/2012 – mostly 1 track (and not always my favorite, LOL) for “older movies”, 4 or 5 for newer ones. Movies I have were Agneepath, The Dirty Picture, Zindagi…, Desi Boyz  and Ra.One (always a pleasure to rewatch those songs! ;)). Movies that were already on my wishlist: Cocktail, Housefull 2, Don 2 and Vicky Donor. To which I have added a few more titles, so now my wishlist is again 40+ titles long. Sigh.  Anyway, next year.

While on the topic of Bollywood, Big B is guest at the River to River film festival in Florence, but I doubt he’ll make it to the Rome edition. And I can’t go to Florence, thanks to DayJob and hectic December work. At the moment, the only movie I might watch when the festival gets to Rome is Black on Dec.16 – so this year I’ll have a grand total of 2 movies in theaters and both are Bollywood movies, LOL! Yeah, my addiction to movies in original version with subtitles means I don’t go to theaters much anymore. In Italy everything is dubbed, although in Rome there are a couple of cinemas that do O.V. subtitled. But they’re all in the center, and I live in the outskirts and I’m lazy! 😉

In a couple of Fridays I’ll do my post of Holiday suggestions like I did last year, I first need to check what I wrote then and which movies I saw and loved this year. Then I’ll have a post on my reading year – what I’ve read and what I recommend, trying to set reading goals for next year (checking how many books are left on my Kindle and my neverending Smashwords wishlist of 40+ titles, sigh).

As for reading, I read Brave New World both for research and because I was curious. I guess it’s my first dystopia and I kinda liked it. I downloaded a free e-book online, so it’s not any of the “official” editions. The mobi file is not very nice to read, as it’s been done with some software that read a scanned text, so between typos and “creative formatting” it was quite a challenge to follow the story. Anyway, I liked it. Interesting dystopia about a brave new world – where I wouldn’t want to live because it kills art and creativity to pursue controlled happiness! 😉

Yesterday as an experiment I downloaded a sample of Technological Angel from Kindle and boy it looks awful! When I upload and check, it looks like the meatgrinder file, but then when I actually downloaded the sample it has lots of useless white space that makes it look like the aforementioned mobi file (hopefully with less typos, LOL!) and kinda amateurish. Sigh. Never mind, I’m buying from Smashwords when I can, and I sure hope everybody does the same, even Kindle owners! 😉 And because I hit the “Buy” button wrongly, I also have a non-sale on Amazon.it now (that’s where my Kindle is registered), but at least I know how to undo a “wrong buy” on Amazon (in fact I got 2 e-mails saying I bought it and then I didn’t want it – and my server thinks everything sent from Amazon.it is SPAM, while the always-marked-as-spam Zazzle letters get into my inbox. Sigh).

Anyway, authors, we have Amazon Brazil as well now… wonders never cease, but Amazon is still behind in world domination (can’t remember who wins between Apple and Kobo, LOL!)! 😉

Now my DVD pile has one new title, Carnage, and three “rewatch” of movies that I’ve seen on planes, so on very big screens – not! 😉 Paul, The Untouchables and MiB3. About Carnage – I knew it was from a play and I think all 4 actors are great, so I was really curious. I wasn’t disappointed, of course. The ladies were more known to me (of course, who doesn’t know Jodie Foster and Kate Winslet?), but I had already seen John C. Reilly in Boogie Nights, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Never Been Kissed, and my least favorite Gangs Of New York (really didn’t like that movie, in spite of Leo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz…). As for Christoph Waltz, I saw him only in Inglourious Basterds – and he was great. So is he here! 😉 I really recommend this movie of great actors in a closed house starting civil and ending tearing each other apart! 🙂

Now off to the book fair… have a great weekend and see you next week with a summary of what I discovered! 🙂

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  1. Barb, I hope that Amazon thing gets sorted out for you.
    I was wondering if you’ve tried out Pinterest. How does it work? It’s got something to do with images, I guess.


    • No, I haven’t tried Pinterest. I know Prue Batten (see sidebar) has a Pinterest page where she posts the pics that inspire her to write her novels. Personally, I don’t think it’s useful – DeviantART is more than enough for me – and I’m not sure about the sharing and stuff (like I don’t post many pics on FB, I don’t like Pinterest T&C)…


      • Thanks. I was wondering if I should join. I don’t think I will – I can hardly find time for Facebook and Twitter 😦


  2. cocktail, Desi Boyz and Vicky Donor hmmmmm 😉


    • Cocktail is the only one I haven’t seen yeat (I saw Vicky Donor on a plane and of course I own the Desi Boyz DVD ;))… but the songs looked great! In Chicago they had only the Blue-ray, so I said “no thanks”…


      • get some desi boyz for your weekend and christmas 😉


        • eeeh, I wish! They’re all younger than me, sigh! I ain’t no Rekha, unfortunately! 😉


  3. I once bought my own book by mistake from Amazon, LOL! I’ve never actually downloaded my own kindle files from smashwords, just checked the html versions. Hmmmm.


    • did you use the “refund” button? I did! 😉
      And I prefer the mobi files from the meatgrinder, so my books all have the Smashwords license, LOL.
      How dare you NOT check the e-pub and mobi?! 😉 I check only those two… 🙂


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