Star Minds Sunday

December is Star Minds month. Every Sunday you’ll have a glimpse into the characters’ minds – mostly alien Humanoids, but also a couple of earthlings. Here’s the protagonist – the guy who started it all.

Hi, my name is Kol-ian and I’m an alien Humanoid. I was born on Marc’harid and I’m a Sire, a race of Humanoid telepaths from the Milky Way. No, we haven’t met Humanoids of other galaxies yet, but we do have a galactic civilization, of which your planet is not part yet. Unfortunately not all planets are created equal, but you should be able to join us soon. The Maya were right, it’s the end of the world as you know it, and don’t worry, you’ll be all right. We are very welcoming. At least Humanoids and Felines. Be aware that there are many races out there, and not all are friendly. Your greatest foes will always be the Reptilians, and mostly the sub-race of the Saurians of Serress. They don’t like us, unless they have some kinky obsession – and vice versa, as above.

The galaxy is mostly peaceful, but sometimes we struggle to get along with cold-blooded beings. The Felines are nicer – especially if you like furry. The Carians are a little uptight, but they’re the bird people, they can fly while we’re stuck on the ground unless enhanced by technology. There are also inferior races and hybrids, but you won’t meet many in our story. Well, except my personal obsession, M’aera S’iva, a Caroid (Carian+Humanoid) who is absolutely beautiful.

Think a dark-skinned angel with long straight black hair halfway down his back, but it probably won’t be too close to the original. Because I wanted to be able to fly like him to be with him, I had wings made – wings that fold in my back when I don’t want to show off – which allowed me to spend 49 of your local years among you without you ever being aware that I was an alien (unless I wanted you to). M’aera S’iva’s wings are white and feathered, mine are black and bat-like, but we’re both winged beings, so I don’t understand why he still stares at me as if I were an amoeba.

I left Earth in 1982, so don’t look for me anymore. I’m orbiting around the planet at this time, but won’t set foot on the ground. Guys, you messed up your planet so much in the past 30 local years – I can’t believe my eyes! I know it’s not all your fault, as you’re manipulated by your masters, but still! Do you still wonder why Gaia is trying to get rid of you? Try doing something for her, instead, poor planet has enough of your antics!

Anyway, if you’d like to hear my story, please check Technological Angel, book 1 of the Star Minds series. Meet me and my friends as we leave your planet to have the most wondrous adventures, risking our lives in the process. And come back next Sunday to meet the rest of my crew. Peace.


Star Minds Book 1 – Technological Angel out now on Smashwords

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