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So, got me some British movies while in London, LOL! The only one I hadn’t already seen is West is West, sequel to East is East (1999). I so loved the first one, I really wanted to see the sequel – although it did take me a couple of years to find it in DVD shops. West is West takes us to Pakistan in the 1970s and it’s as hilarious as the first one. And it was kinda funny to see the often mentioned (in the previous film) Mrs Khan #1 had the same face as Akbar’s foster mother… (OK, I watched Jodhaa Akbar once too many, LOL). Also one of George’s daughters looked familiar – and then I found out she was in Luck by Chance. And I felt my Hindi was better than Mrs Khan #2’s! 😉 And I loved the music as well – so reminding me of Bollywood! 😉

I also recovered a DVD I had wrongly sent to my British teacher’s address from Amazon UK – I believe the Bollywood Addict suggested it. Do Dooni Chaar is indeed very funny and I love the soundtrack (no dance numbers, but the songs are lovely), but it felt kinda weird seeing the Disney logo on a Bollywood movie! 😦 Anyway, always a pleasure watching Rishi Kapoor – either Bollywood producer (Luck by Chance), Mumbai gangster (Agneepath) or teacher (here). I seem to understand he’s working with his real-life wife on this one – and she sort of looked familiar, although she didn’t seem to be in any movie for a long time… A funny family comedy for everybody (as long as you either speak Hindi or can read the subtitles, LOL)! 🙂

I have also watched “Best of Madhuri Dixit” – 80 original video songs (sorry, can’t find it anywhere online, blame it on the lady of the Long Island Bollywood DVD shop for selling it to me! ;)) because I think she’s beautiful and a wonderful dancer. So far I had seen only Devdas and Dil To Pagal Hai (included in this compilation), but now I have more titles on my ToBuy list for next year, LOL (will it ever go down? :().

I must say that I’ve seen more about the 3 Khans my age (well, they’re all younger than me by a few months, LOL) and some things changed, some didn’t – SRK is still my favorite Khan, although he looked at his best between 1997 and 2007 (hehe). Aamir was cute in his 20s (Dil was already on my ToBuy list), but now he’s too brooding for my tastes & apparently is a few months older than me – but he’s married, right? And Salman… never liked him, never will, in spite of him being still single (suggested alternative by Shafali, but, like I told her, I really don’t like him)! 🙂 Anyway, sorry Madhuri doesn’t act anymore (married life…), but if she wants to do a comeback, she can be Helen in Six Months too! 🙂

On a totally different topic – I also got to read Jungle Heat by Bonnie Dee. What if Tarzan met Joe instead of Jane? A wonderful tale of a man raised by apes and taken to 19th century London – where they don’t know if the papers should talk about the Ape Gentleman or Jack the Ripper. Hot and riveting m/m love story – although James is sometimes a little irritating, glad Michael knows what he wants! 🙂 And it’s Carina Press, so adults only! 😀

Wishing you a happy weekend! 🙂

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  1. ist so nice to read your blog, amazing. Enjoyed 🙂


  2. Have you seen those 2 semi-autobiographical Anglo-Pakistani movies (the screenwriter has a Pakistani father and an English mother and it’s lousely based on his life)? 😉


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