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As the end of the year approaches, I’m kind of checking what I achieved and making plans for the new year. I already feel the December depression approaching, so maybe I won’t go to the Small and Medium Publishers Fair in Rome in three weeks or so – at least not every day, even if I’ll have someone visiting, someone who will be more interested in the event than me. Considering how much it depressed me last year, I think I’m going to spare myself more heartache this year.

I’ve got 3 more titles to put out this year, and they’ll come out next month. I’ll do a post on my abysmal sales sometimes in December – I’m not depressed for the abysmal above, but about other things I’d rather not rant about. Where would my happy-go-lucky image go if I did? 😉 So I’m just going to think about those 3 stories – 2 are done, waiting for betas to send comments, 1 I’m still typing, soon you’ll hear more about it and will have to help me choose the cover (nothing new here, B.G. Hope always needs help in finding the perfect cover, LOL).

Anyway, the Human Being is kinda depressed (in spite of being off DayJob for 2 weeks, yay!), but the Writer and Publisher is happy to announce two more titles out. Records of the Varian Empire is out on Smashwords, Kindle and Kobo. Excerpt from RVE is Sunray&Leonora, a short story in two parts (or two short stories tied together), also available at all of the above.

Wonderful Mapmaker Federico Distefano finally provided a map for the RVE – it’s on the print version, but also on the dedicated page. Still not sure how to add it to the e-books (might try when I try to reformat them), but here it is for now:

Chronicles of The Varian Empire – map by Federico Distefano

Then we have the print versions (link available also on the Smashwords page of each book).

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Spell + Allan de Sayek

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Left-handed Warrior + Records of the Varian Empire

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Englightened Emperor + The Warrior Woman

If you’d like to snatch one of the two calendars I did this year, I made them available on Lulu. Please note there’s 20% off all calendars until Nov.23, just enter coupon code: CHRONICLE. Buy links: Keanu Reeves & Hrithik Roshan.

Desktop is giving me headaches so I’m falling behind with the lettering of SKYBAND 12, but I hope to be done this week, so I can put the single issue out on DriveThruComics. I guess I’ll end the graphic novel next year, although I had hoped to finish it this year. But I have 3 more chapters to draw and color and letter, and even if I might do SKYBAND 13 by December, there would still be 2 more – next year. Then I can send Desktop into retirement and use Laptop 24/7.

I’ve also spent 2 days spellchecking the proofs from the POD versions, which means the printed version has less typos than the e-books, LOL! Slowly I’ll get the new files for the e-books up as well, hopefully during the week, but it’s 3 docs (1 with Smashwords license, 1 saved as HTML for Kindle and 1 “normal” for Kobo) where I need to do “find and replace” and a quick scan. Sigh. Glad I have most of the day to do it – today I have the offline writers group meeting and tomorrow and Friday I’ll meet with my cover artist, but I’ll probably be able to work on reformatting everything while I help her dealing with her own uploads.

Wishing you a wonderful week – hoping your weather is not like mine (sunny but hot outside – hot for November, I mean – freezing inside)! 🙂

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  1. Viv

     /  14/11/2012

    Sorry to hear you feeling less than sunny-natured. I struggle with the same, as you know, and am sending you light when I light my morning prayer candle.


    • thank you, Viv, it’s probably only passing, but… well, looking forward to be out of it! 🙂
      Love and light to you as well!


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